January Instagram challenge 

I started doing the FMS Instagram Challenge on the first day of 2017. I used to be religious about keeping up, keeping relevant, keeping brand aware and just trying to keep it together at all really.
I beat myself up if I missed a day – bear in mind that my daughters were 5 and just 3 years old when I started the project – and I was relentless. I fussed over everything.
I kept up for a while but you can’t enjoy something if you torture yourself over it, can you?
Anyway, this year I thought I’d give it another go. I started on the 3rd of January (you can have a look here) and, yes, I did play catch up – but not because I felt compelled. This time it was for fun.
Then, on the 4th of January we were told that the kids were coming home for school again – so we decided to do a family FMS challenge too. We set up a page – The Family Blakemore – and just played around.
On the 16th of February Child 1’s photo – ‘Something New‘ won. 4 years after I first entered my 9 year old daughter won. I’m very proud and excited for her… And also a little bit jealous!
Anyway, here are the pictures from January 2017. My style and content has changed a lot since then but it’s fun to look back and see how life has changed sometimes, isn’t it?

Sophie's Voice

​New Yearstarted for me with another Instagram challenge – which I managed to complete on time and with a little imagination, I hope you’ll agree.

On to February now – I’ve got a doozie lined up for the 14th…


Day 1 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘my fave colour’

Midnight blue.

Day 2 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘delicious’

Salt and pepper tofu.

Day 3 of the Instagram challenge – ‘circle’

Chanel Chance. My favourite perfume comes in an iconic circular bottle. It smells of sunlight and fun.

Day 4 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘animal’

This year I am dreaming of owning an Airedale terrier.

Day 5 of the Instagram challenge – ‘a fave thing’

Broccoli and red pepper quiche from @roughhandmade on Penny Lane. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from my home and my 3 year old daughter is eating…

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