About me…



As my twitter blurb clearly states, I am a ‘writer. sex positive feminist, fashionista, glamazon and mother’.


Like all of us, I am many things more and less of the time. The mix depends on the day of the week, the work I’m doing, the weather…anything and everything.


The things I write about vary as well. This blog doesn’t really fit neatly into any box – just like we don’t. I cover all the subjects that I’m interested in and neither you nor I will ever really know what’s coming next! Here you will find posts about anything and everything that grabs my attention, inspires me or that I feel needs addressing on a particular day.


You can also find Sophie’s Voice on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Each offering differs slightly. In finding my voice I have discovered that we all want to listen to something different and I like to offer you options.


Try them all for size or stick with your favourite but, please, let’s all have fun.


Sophie x


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