January Instagram challenge 

​New Year started for me with another Instagram challenge – which I managed to complete on time and with a little imagination, I hope you’ll agree.

On to February now – I’ve got a doozie lined up for the 14th…


Day 1 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘my fave colour’

Midnight blue.

Day 2 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘delicious’ 

Salt and pepper tofu. 

Day 3 of the Instagram challenge – ‘circle’

Chanel Chance. My favourite perfume comes in an iconic circular bottle. It smells of sunlight and fun.

Day 4 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘animal’

This year I am dreaming of owning an Airedale terrier. 

Day 5 of the Instagram challenge – ‘a fave thing’

Broccoli and red pepper quiche from @roughhandmade on Penny Lane. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from my home and my 3 year old daughter is eating the sundried tomato breadstick with dips, olives and tomatoes for lunch while I pick at this.

Who said being a vegetarian wasn’t fun? Actually, this would be better with a glass of crisp white.

Day 6 of the Instagram challenge – ‘me’

Selfie taken to check out my new lipstick – it’s Bourjois, by the way. Still got the grey hair but I’m realising that I want to experiment with colour.

I’m my very own canvas!

Day 7 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘time’

Vintage Omega De Ville watch with olive green face. The only thing I have left of my father.

Day 8 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘a wall’

Pigments used to paint external walls for sale in a Marrakech souk

Day 9 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘mail’

The interior of a night mail train which acts as a mobile sorting office and overnight delivery truck for the Royal Mail.

Many routes are active but those in the Highlands have been superseded by an airborne night mail service.

The poem The Night Mail by WH Auden immortalised the service and made it into a national treasure as long ago as 1936. It may seem quaint but it has continued to be used and modernised accordingly since its inception.

Day 10 of the Instagram challenge – ‘two things’

Two tiny Jedi fresh from the bath. With those dressing gowns, they’re more Rosie Wan Kenobi than Sith.

Day 11 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘in my fridge’

Yes, I shop at Tesco. Yes, I’m a vegetarian. Yes, I live with carnivores. There’s a good selection of cheeses, a pudding, dips, lots of veggies, homemade lasagna,  some Christmas pudding and various sauces. I do cook from scratch mostly and I use a lot of fresh food.

Not that the kids care at all!

Day 12 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘leaf’

Pit fired coil pot with gold leaf by Kay Lynn Sattler.

Day 13 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘people’ 

Eagle hunter Aisholpan Nurgaiv aged 13. She is the first woman to compete in Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Competition. 

Photo by Asher Svidensky for National Geographic.

Day 14 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘path’ 

On the way home from school, L and I found a broken Christmas tree bauble amongst the leaves and undergrowth. 

It was like a discarded halo.

Day 15 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘where is sleep’

I have intermittent periods of insomnia. Despite that, I love my bed. It was a wedding present to my Grandma and it was left to me by my parents.

I changed the bed this morning – which explains the creases on the pillow cases. The bedspread is French ticking, the bedding is Egyptian cotton and my pyjamas come from Matalan – I’m not posh and they’re snugly and cute. I’m reading The Little Book of Hygge and Humans Of New York at the moment. I want cosy and feel good before I go to sleep.

That’s my 5 year old daughter’s sleep mask. Apparently she’s Norma Desmond.

Day 16 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘music’

An abstract artistic representation of music by my 5 year old daughter.

Using just card, crayon and stickers, L has created this devastatingly atmospheric multimedia work showing her appreciation of the use of quavers in the music of fairy princess land.

Yep. It’s just another thing for the fridge door…

Day 17 January Instagram challenge – ‘bag’

An oxblood Celine bag. Not much I can say but it’s perfect for me and I like gifts.

Day 18 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘today’

It’s raining again. That is all.

Day 19 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘a shape’

I don’t wear skirts very often but this is my favourite. The shape has enough fabric to feel a little bit dramatic and they involve pockets. Pockets being the holy grail in skirts.

Day 20 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘something white’

Snow on Sefton Park at night.

Day 21 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘grow’

Only one thing is blooming in my garden today…

I guess there is always hope.

Day 22 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘in my town’

If you follow me regularly you will know that I love food but hate cooking. 

Last Monday I was lucky enough to spend a morning trying the new Madame Valerie slice at Patisserie Valerie 

It was pretty amazing. 

You can read the post on my blog but let’s just say that I love lots of things about Liverpool. The amount of excellent food vendors is high on the list.

Day 23 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘this is mine!’

This is my grandmother, Olive, and great aunt, Mildred, on the beach at Whitstable.

This picture was painted by their brother, Harry, in the early 1930s.

Day 24 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘what I do’

I am a specialist in digital marketing and social media. 

Sophie’s Voice is how I started.

Day 25 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘in the background’

Most of the time I’m a little bit scared. 

The best thing is,  most of the time I’m brave enough to carry on anyway. 

Day 26 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘yum’

Silver trainers from H&M – £24.99

Available in khaki, white, black and powder pink too.

My yummy present to myself

Day 27 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘I can’t live without’
I can’t live without coffee in the morning. I also love fox themed ceramics.

Day 28 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘a sign’

Walking home from taking my 3 year old daughter to nursery, I chanced upon this (seemingly) charred book. As the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor I couldn’t help but shudder.

Day 29 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘shadow’

Nicolas Bruno’s shadowy images show the nightmares he’s experienced while suffering from sleep paralysis.

Day 30 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘hello’

Sophie’s Voice is a place that welcomes top shelf weirdos. Top shelf.

Day 31 of the January Instagram challenge – ‘something colourful’ 

Traditional Russian textile. The pattern is part of the Khokhloma tradition of folk art that has been popular since the early 17th century.

3 thoughts on “January Instagram challenge 

  1. Reblogged this on Sophie's Voice and commented:

    I started doing the FMS Instagram Challenge on the first day of 2017. I used to be religious about keeping up, keeping relevant, keeping brand aware and just trying to keep it together at all really.
    I beat myself up if I missed a day – bear in mind that my daughters were 5 and just 3 years old when I started the project – and I was relentless. I fussed over everything.
    I kept up for a while but you can’t enjoy something if you torture yourself over it, can you?
    Anyway, this year I thought I’d give it another go. I started on the 3rd of January and, yes, I did play catch up – but not because I felt compelled. This time it was for fun.
    Then, on the 4th of January we were told that the kids were coming home for school again – so we decided to do a family FMS challenge too.
    On the 16th of February Child 1’s photo – ‘Something New’ won. 4 years after I started to enter my 9 year old daughter won. I’m very proud and excited for her… And also a little bit jealous!
    Anyway, here are the pictures from January 2017. My style and content has changed a lot since then but it’s fun to look back and see how life has changed sometimes, isn’t it?


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