Date – day 4 of #Blogtober2017

Wednesdays are traditionally wordless here at Sophie’s Voice so I’ll let this picture speak for itself.

Its a collage of snaps from my last date – when, back in April, I took Child 1 out for brunch before she went back to school for the summer term.

I like spending time with her one to one. She’s two years older than her sister and gets a lot less time alone with me. We’ve done Light Night, the ancient Egypt exhibit at Liverpool’s World Museum and tapas at Neon Jamon over the past year.

She’s very good company!

6 thoughts on “Date – day 4 of #Blogtober2017

  1. I love this. I have 4 children elder 3 teens and then a 9 yr old and when the elder ones go away to their grandparents it’s nice for her and I to go out just us and do something nice together! #Blogtober17

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