Date – day 4 of #Blogtober2017

Wednesdays are traditionally wordless here at Sophie's Voice so I'll let this picture speak for itself. Its a collage of snaps from my last date - when, back in April, I took Child 1 out for brunch before she went back to school for the summer term. I like spending time with her one to … Continue reading Date – day 4 of #Blogtober2017

Wordless Wednesday – Marie Bernadette Strang

Follow Marie Bernadette Strang's work here.

Wordless Wednesday – how I feel about being photographed…

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

I don't do 'maternal' but I do 'adorable''s a sample of my friend, Liz Harry's, work. You can visit her shop here.

Wordless Wednesday

Meat by Patrick O'Rourke You can see Patrick's work as part of the Liverpool Biennial when it is exhibited at Road Studios. For information, click here.