Day 3 of the Blogtober Challenge – my everyday essentials

I honestly don’t know where to start here – this title has certainly making me question my definition of the word ‘essential’!

I condensed the list down to the things I need to keep the me sane and alive, in the end.

Starting at the beginning of day, I have to have my glasses – I have lenses but I wouldn’t be able to find them without my glasses. I wouldn’t even be able to find the bathroom actually.

Coffee – I’m lucky because Mr Sophie’s Voice makes me a cup of tea before he goes to work every day. That eases me into the day – but I need coffee to function like a real human.


Smartphone – if I’m lucky enough to wake up with a little time to spare (before the girls start stirring), I have a shower then start work. I’m a sahm who blogs and does some freelance work as a digital marketing and social media consultant. Don’t ask how I do it – I don’t know. I recently put my Masters on hold because I realised that something had to give.

Anyway, any time is valuable time to me. I squeeze work in whenever I can: when the toddler naps, when I give her a bottle – I’m writing this while giving her some milk in the middle of the night because she’s sickly at the moment, when the girls have their TV time and a snack after school ends. I would be lost without it. Yes, I have a lovely laptop but I use that in the evening or on the odd occasions when I manage to join the 5am club. I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 mini. It’s white so I can find it in the stupid handbags I always carry.


Facial cleansing wipes & moisturiser with a high SPF – my life is time sensitive and I need a beauty regime that is quick and easy. I have posh products but I’m blessed with pretty good skin so I can be minimal if needs be.
I use L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes and
L’Oreal Triple Active Day MultiProtection Cream Normal. I’m forty and I’ve only just realised which products work for me so I’m quite the zealot.

loreal-paris-triple-active-day-moisturiser-combination-50ml-584053 (1)-569952142..jpgMascara – I said I could do minimal. My first choice is Benefit’s They’re Real mascata. I usually carry a powder compact and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF15. It’s amazing – when I was pregnant with my second baby I started to bite my lips until they were sore (I’m human, okay?) and it was the only thing that would work on them.


Leggings or skinny jeans – they’re easy and I can wear leggings under a tunic or a sweater dress. I go for coated ones as they’re tougher and, let’s face it, sexier. I’m married – not dead. Jeans are the default for me. A skinny flare is my favourite style but requires heels usually so it’s usually skinnies.


Flat shoes – I walk the school run. I go to the park with the toddler and we walk to the shops. I like living in my little community. Everything is walking distance but that means that flats are a necessity. From biker boots to gladiator sandals through ballet flats and statement trainers. I don’t care – they’re all stylish and comfortable.


Trenchcoat – perfect for my life. It’s versatile, practical and easy.


Keys – sounds obvious but I’m always losing mine.

Ridiculously large handbag – it has to be big enough to contain my life.  I prefer something by They’re vegan leather and tough. Most come with a cross body strap too. That’s a must for me.


Nappy, wipes & snack – I spend most of my time with a 21 month old who’s not yet potty trained. Don’t judge – she just isn’t ready yet. Also, she’s always eating.

Toddler – mustn’t forget her.

Baby buggy or car – I always take the buggy with us as tired babies are a nightmare. Otherwise, car. I have a battered 4×4 that I service myself. It’s fantastic. Also, it has low emissions and a turbo. How they pulled that off I don’t know.

Cuddles with the girls – cuddles with Mr Sophie’s Voice as well, actually. I don’t think that this requires an explanation really. I’m asperges so I don’t feel comfortable with physical contact with strangers. I find it hard to make friends because I tend to be insensitive. My family knows that and don’t care. I love them and I’m physically demonstrative with them.


My girlfriends – the other people who accept all my flaws. I need some nurturing female company from time to time. I was brought up by and around women and my friends are funny, smart and kind.

Work – fitting it in kills me physically but I like to use my brain.


Netflix – I don’t have a lot of luxury in my life but I love to have a good meal with Mr Sophie’s Voice at the end of the day and settle down in front of the television. It’s cheap and it keeps me cheerful.


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14 thoughts on “Day 3 of the Blogtober Challenge – my everyday essentials

  1. Wow! I loved your list of essentials, practically every item I could relate to! Maybe not the toddler… Don’t have one of those myself 🙂

    Kez |


    1. Yes. I recommend The Wire. For my money that’s the best TV show ever. I liked Band of Brothers too. I still cry if I watch old episodes.


        1. You have to – but, bear in mind that it takes about 6 episodes to actually get to ‘the wire’. In the meantime just drink in the quality acting.


  2. I see we have a few essentials in common, and I should have put Netflix on mine too, only had it for a week and it is fast becoming an essential 🙂


    1. It’s helped me work out exactly what I need. I think my marriage would dissolve without Netflix! We can’t get a babysitter so it’s our entertainment!


  3. Good list, can relate to a lot. I have a toddler, 2 girls who I love to hug, large handbag usually containing nappy or 2 & wipes. My time is very precious also. Good getting to know you. 🙂


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