What would Doctor Foster wear?

Well, as promised, I’m keeping in touch and – due to the terrible weather – it seems like a good day to start. Here in the North West (well, in Britain, full stop) we have to be prepared for every weather eventuality. In fact, I’m often reminded of the Simon & Garfunkel lyric ‘I can gather all the news I need from the weather report’. It certainly helps to watch the announcements – sometimes in both the evening and morning because it’s so unreliable.

So, just to cheer myself up on this grim morning, I wore black…..I’m sure you’ll be shocked when I reveal it was ineffective. Actually, I wore what was clean and not too creased. I wanted comfort clothes so went for black wide leg pants, a black silk embellished top (feels lovely) and a waterfall cardigan. All of which – with flats and a scarf – worked well until the advent of ‘that fine rain which soaks you right through’.

At the same time, my lovely (and much prized) Lulu Guinness ‘London’ print umbrella died. Absolutely. All those lovely pictures of red buses, St Paul’s, Trafalgar Square and chic London ladies were buggered. I was stuck wearing every kind of fabric that instinctively craves moisture (or damp, more accurately) and had no means of protecting myself from the elements. In order to make something of this misery, I bought myself a new umbrella. Not a super expensive one (although I can vouch for the benefits of doing this – my Lulu brolly lasted for 7 years before the rainy city managed to reek revenge) but mid range. It’s patterned with flowers in pretty colours and almost makes the rain bearable.

Even so, the best part of my day was still getting home and getting changed. I’m afraid that I’m typing this in a delightful ensemble of navy blue velour tracksuit and grey marl t-shirt. I appreciate that this is not what you may expect from someone blogging on fashion and style but this space is for all of us. No matter how life goes, I hope we can accept each other’s highs and lows. Well, I’m feeling miserable and velour (a hug in fabric) worn whilst eating roast chicken is a pretty good cure. In fact, I recommend it. For everyone. 

Anyway, I’m planning tomorrow’s outfit now and the one thing I can tell you is that I will definitely be wearing some kind of trench. It makes me wonder – how many people among us own more than one? I hate to feel like a target for unscrupulous retailers but we must be the trophy market for the mackintosh manufacturer.

I would normally try to buck the trend but there’s nothing doing when dressing for the weather…..it’s here and so are the trench coats. I won’t complain – they’ve been chic in every single generation. However, just sometimes I wish there was an alternative that meant that our mothers couldn’t tell us that they wore them too at our age. Way to make something less sexy (okay, attractive) in one sentence…..

I’ll post tomorrow to let you know how it goes but, to cheer everyone up, here’s a picture of a lovely maxi-dress I’ll be wearing to my friend Sophie’s wedding in early September.

Fingers crossed for good weather then and tomorrow!

Sophie x

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