Fanfares all around – this is a new beginning for an old favourite!

After much consideration (at least 4 months), I’ve gone properly ‘modern’. Altho’, I would like to state here & now that I believe that ‘modern’ and ‘fashionable’ and/or ‘stylish’ can be seperated. And often are, in my experience. Very often, really. Mostly, actually – true fact. Just think sports fabrics – amazing but they go from aertex to neoprene to bleeurgh.

I hope this will be a space offering realistic (and humane – unlike some fashion editors) insight into fashion we really can wear and afford. A home for us style ‘civilians’ (thanks Liz ‘white jeans haven’t been big since the 80s but nobody told me’ Hurley) with fashion appetites constrained by credit crunch budgets.

I want to create a tool to help us decipher the conflicting images and mixed messages we’re battered with every day. We’re exposed to glossy magazines (or Heat – which may be even worse), fashion houses’ colossal advertising budgets and retailers’ seductive and imaginative window displays. Everyone finds it hard to fend off the pressure to spend.

Sadly, it seems that these social and/or economic afflictions have fertilized a feeling that ornament is a frippery. The result is that we’ve stopped asking important questions like what is the best tactic for living in style?

Whatever we choose as ‘our style’, we own it – it mightn’t be old Hollywood, Hamptons WASP or atelier Chanel but it’s ours. It’s each of ours, more precisely, because we’ve all got the right to be stylish and individual.

Whilst our workmates may be content to look drab and depressed, we do not have to settle for those two bedfellows. We can stand up for flair and panache. In fact, perhaps we should consciously do so. After all, no-one else seems to be bothering. The smallest gesture can make a difference – lippy was a weapon for our grandmas and still works now, statement jewellery means we don’t have to buy expensive clothes and we can all cut up an old outfit and make it into something new.          .
Anyway, I hope many of you join me on this journey inspired by a wish to expand my old WAIW updates. There will be an important difference between the two, however. This version is for everyone – we can all take part.

Uploading photos is possible (I’m all for photoshop on a BHD so feel free) as is commenting on my entries – I’m the censor, tho’, so be careful! – and contributing your very own hints and tips. No pearl of wisdom is too small, no fact should be considered too little a kernel for our audience.

To sum it all up (sorry, I went on in my excitement!), this is place where a new manifesto can be launched: It’s simple and easy to remember. We’ve got things to do – I can’t manage to recall a quote from Proust, for f*ck’s sake.

So, here it is – style is always possible – no matter what your life is like.

Just carry a good lipstick, keep your friends and families close and remember your blessings.

Signing off.

Sophie x


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