Throwback Thursday

I thought I would share a post from this time two years ago with you on Throwback Thursday. It was, itself, a throwback to my distant past... This is me 4 years ago when I wrote a blog called Vogue Busy Beauty and did a daily piece entitled 'What Am I Wearing?' - or WAIW. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Oh Sophie…

I hope you find this note - I left it on the dressing table because I know you want to look pretty tonight. Rimini is a beautiful place and you're going to have a lovely time walking around the brightly lit streets in the evening, after your meal. I know that the holiday has been … Continue reading Oh Sophie…

Too good to be true, too sweet to be sexy?

This week, I stand corrected. Seriously – as surprising as that statement is, not least to me! I recently wrote about the end of ‘old Hollywood’ and the loss of legends. Well, this week, my faith has been strengthened and hope (at least slightly) renewed. This is because, after almost twenty years, Doris Day has … Continue reading Too good to be true, too sweet to be sexy?

Coco Chanel: why can’t we accept that all our legends are really human?

This morning I read (very excitedly) that a new biography of Mademoiselle Chanel is to be published imminently. I really do mean excitedly – in terms of fashion, I worship at the altar of Chanel. And I do mean Coco Chanel. I almost feel like I shouldn’t use the well-known name ‘Coco’. Instead I think … Continue reading Coco Chanel: why can’t we accept that all our legends are really human?

Thanks to Jane – Part 3 (finally)

With other more outdoorsy – therefore ‘country’ and, thus, not very chic – activities, comfort goes ahead of style for more practical reasons. More than ever, think about footwear: at any type of ‘do’ that is regularly dramatised in the - inadvertently - wonderful Midsomer Murders, it may be necessary to run from savage psychopath … Continue reading Thanks to Jane – Part 3 (finally)

Thanks to Jane – Part 2

The advantage Royal Ascot has over the average hostess is that they make very clear the fact that, if you buy the ticket, you’re essentially entering into a contract. It seems to me that people accept these stipulations because they know they’ll be refused entry (or thrown out - if they try to subvert the … Continue reading Thanks to Jane – Part 2

Thanks to Jane – Part 1

A request that is both fun and current – no, really! Recently, I received a suggestion for a piece on this blog. Now, lately, this has become increasingly common (Nancy Sutton, your piece is in the pipeline!) but this request is especially tantalising to my writing aspirations - due to a personal geographical connection and … Continue reading Thanks to Jane – Part 1

The future…

Well, I promised you something innovative last time…and I mean to keep to my word. I’m going out on a limb here – for many reasons. These include the facts that I haven’t exactly enjoyed the whole experience of being pregnant and I’ve had serious difficulties reconciling myself with my changing silhouette. However, as I’m … Continue reading The future…

Entering the modern work world…

I promised I’d respond to demand and I’m going with modern office clothing etiquette - as opposed to smart, which we’ve covered ad infinitum. Ah…this matter of modern office dress. And the whole etiquette that surrounds it. It seems that the first piece of advice I can give concerns make-up. Take Ellie Torres’ (Cougar Town … Continue reading Entering the modern work world…

The Queen is dead…what chance ‘old Hollywood’ now?

Ye Gods – what is happening? Every time I get ready to write some incisive entry, life throws out a curve ball (a sporting analogy – I’m starting with baseball as I can’t quite work out the parallel with cricket…it’s a little less easy to work into the vernacular) which I just have to respond … Continue reading The Queen is dead…what chance ‘old Hollywood’ now?