Women In Tech

Women in STEAM is something that I’m really passionate about.
There’s an event coming up on Friday for those in the Liverpool who are interested in finding out more.


This year Liverpool MakeFest introduce a “Women in Tech” showcase. Held in the ground floor Atrium of Liverpool Central Library we will have a collection of cool women currently working in tech through many different mediums. Some will be showcasing their talents and sharing insights in to how they came to be in their chosen profession. Others will be demonstrating to the public so you can learn all about why they do what they do.

“Women in Tech” is important as we go forward in to the future of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). These disciplines have significantly lower percentages of woman than men. It is known that so many women and young girls do not necessarily have access to information of what women are doing in the world that isn’t what society tells them. We at Liverpool MakeFest want to help break the gender stereotype and inspire…

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