How we rewrote the bible’s patriarchal bias today…

While checking her Fisher Price Little People (yes, it’s a transparently pushy mention – but these little buggers are expensive) toys yesterday, Child 2 discovered that Noah had forgotten the ‘two by two’ bit of the story in some instances and decided that he was unable to cope with his leadership responsibilities – also that he was probably going to cause a meat and dairy famine.

She approached Naamah – his wife – about a promotion and, after accepting the job offer, Naamah and Child 2 made Noah walk the plank.

Once again women saved the day…and, in this case, possibly ensured the future of womankind / humankind / whatever you want to call it.

Noah drowned in his own flood.

No animals were harmed during this process.

In fact we added a few stragglers the from the petting zoo and farm – further evidence that the previous CEO was incompetent.

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