Mums In The Picture


Prompted by friend Rachel and encouraged by my other friend Lisa, I’m walking the confidence walk and doing the Mums In The Picture thing.

Here’s a photo of my lovely 18 month old daughter, Alice, and I reading Sophie’s Busy Day before breakfast this morning.

It was taken off the cuff and it’s a one off – usually I take lots so I can check which is prettiest.

Really, though, who cares? The children grow up with my face in all seasons, all weathers, all moods – beautiful or otherwise.

My father died when I was 16 and I don’t have very many photos of us together so I really don’t care what he looks like in the ones I do have – just as long as he’s there with me in the picture.

One thought on “Mums In The Picture

  1. I love this, the last 2 years I have made a much stronger more focused effort to be IN the pictures as well as taking them. I have made such an effort to document my kids lives that they had barely any photos of me. I’m not in many, but I am in some. I have also added pictures of me into my family albums just so they see that I am ok with it. I love the snaps I have of my family and want my kids to have the same!


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