Porridge can be posh too…

Porridge - or 'oatmeal', as our American cousins say - is pretty standard breakfast fare during the 9 months that serve as sprautumn / winter here in Liverpool. I know you all know how to make basic porridge. I know you all know that you can use whatever milk you like. I know you know … Continue reading Porridge can be posh too…

Sophie’s Voice Love Yourself Week: Day 1 – Let’s be brave together

It’s Throwback Thursday and tomorrow sees the start of Self Care September.

What seems like a million years ago I went from writing It Took Two to editing Sophie’s Voice.

I launched my new website with a project that was far too ambitious for my time and abilities but I did, at least, launch. As a good friend told me at the time, “it doesn’t have to be perfect – it has to be done”. She had a big influence on me – like many other readers.

I can’t thank you enough. To a large extent, interaction with my readers (who I now think of as my friends) is a form of self care for me. As you can see from the cover photo, back then, I was happiest when hidden.

I hope you think I’m here for you as much as I appreciate you being here for me.

Thank you – each and every one.

With my love and respect,


Sophie's Voice

Dear Readers,

Welcome to what I hope will be a success. There are no guarantees and, when I announced this grand event, I didn’t realise that it was going to be such a massive challenge. You see, I’m not usually required to maintain consistent levels of output (and you do indulge me very kindly in that) but, as I’m going to keep reiterating this week, how are we all going to love ourselves if we stick in the same rut?

I’m also intent on making this a personal journey for me. I write better when I have a connection to the subject matter and, believe it or not, just like everyone else I struggle with self-doubt, low self-esteem, Imposter Syndrome and a whole gamut of other little gremlins – and I mean the ‘invest in canned goods’ type of gremlins.

In short, I need to learn to love myself a…

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Feminist icon and porn pioneer, Candida Royalle, will be missed – even if you don’t know why…

Throwback Thursday takes us back almost two years – to the sad, premature death of Candida Royalle. ‘The queen of female focused porn’ (as defined by Petra Joy – her good friend) is still relevant today as her legacy of embracing pleasure thrives.

Sophie's Voice

On Monday, Candida Royalle died after a long, painful battle against ovarian cancer.

She was the pioneer of feminist porn. While that medium might not appeal to us all, it’s important to remember women like her.

She portrayed women enjoying sex from a perspective that was completely novel at the time.

She did not concentrate on ‘the money shot’ – instead she showed her female protagonists’ pleasure and eventual satisfaction.

If you have sex now and expect to ‘get off’, if you think of sex as a reciprocal process, if you don’t feel guilty about satisfying yourself, then you have more to thank Candida Royalle for than you know.

Women like her offered people a visual depiction of the possibilities of good sex. That has to have a trickle down effect.

Sophie’s Voice is sex positive – I write with the stated aim of encouraging people to love themselves. I…

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Dear summer, you can piss off now – you’ve been lukewarm at best…

This week began with the aftermath of Charlotteville - Trump's tacit approval of neo-Nazis and ensuing polarised chaos in every form of media. Most of us try to do our best in life. Most of us cock it up sometimes. Most of us learn from our mistakes. Most of us grow as people. Most of … Continue reading Dear summer, you can piss off now – you’ve been lukewarm at best…

Today’s favourite recipe – Day 19 of the Blogtober Challenge

For Throwback Thursday, I’m reblogging the recipe that I always seem to want to bake when it feels like summer has decided to stop showing up….apparently that was yesterday.
This time I cooked 3 batches – one with walnut pieces, one with chia seeds and one with both. In all honesty, I think I’ll leave the chia seeds next time. I prefer them in porridge.

Sophie's Voice

I love food – I spent a large part of my adult life feeling hungry and I can cook. There’s not much more depressing than loving the taste of canapes but having to turn them down at every party you attend. Well, not having to – except in my mind.

I found out I was pregnant in December of 2010. Then it was open season on food. I’d had a body like tits on a stick before then. A boy scout with boobs…well, not any more. I still have the boobs but now I have hips, thighs, rolling shoulders, apple cheeks and pouty lips. No arse – that’s still a glorified hinge but there’s a lot of rounded edges there. I’m never sure if I’m happy with it or not – it’s a mixed bag really. I touch on that occasionally but it’s actually quite a raw place for me.

I cook less than Mr Sophie’s Voice…

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I was supposed to be writing a marketing strategy but life got in the way…

Just spent an hour tracking down the pesky varmints who held up Barbie's bank. She was not having any of that. She and Jessie formed a round up gang and tracked the criminals down to the disused mine shaft. They arrested Telly the Fisher Price rotary phone and Bad Cat but some of the gang … Continue reading I was supposed to be writing a marketing strategy but life got in the way…

Product Review: Angela Langford Skincare

Throwback Thursday:
It’s been a long time since I introduced beauty reviews to the blog but here’s my first.
Angela Langford Skincare is still offering their tailored product samples for the price of the postage. They still cater to the individual and the products themselves are still excellent.
Sophie x

Sophie's Voice

Ah, product reviews, I hear you say, that’s why bloggers exist. Along with the freebies, the exclusives, the bar launches, the free tickets for opening nights and gallery previews. Except that I never do the reviews. In fact, the last time I wrote about a beauty product was back in October 2015.

The trouble is that I’m jaded. I myself have used the same products for about 2 years and I don’t want to change anything unless it’s in favour of a product that does the same thing for less money or something better for a similar amount. I’m on a budget and I can’t see it changing for the forseeable future. I don’t expect miracles in a pot. I know the beauty industry. I know that there are big brands who charge less because they produce bulk quantities. I know that packaging isn’t important. I know that a beauty…

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International Cat Day

It’s International Cat Day! Over on my Facebook page you can read all about my cat but it’s beauty Tuesday here on the blog page proper and I’m so lucky that I know the cleverest make up artist around.
Hazy Shade of Glitter is one of the funnest, most imaginative resources for cosmetics fans. It’s experimental and bright.
We get lots of makeup page suggestions at Sophie’s Voice but this is the one that makes me smile every time.
Happy gawping, dear readers!

hazy shade of glitter

Here it is, everyone. The internet’s favourite day! (“Isn’t that every day?”, cat lovers cry). Luminaries such as the Guardian have been joining in the celebrations, with this call for underwhelming photos of “average cats” (as if such a thing exists), The Pool have chosen some “feline-themed” tracks, whereas the Metro has gone for the evergreen “What your favourite cat says about you?“.

So of course, I must join in, with the only skill I possess – propensity to wield an eyeliner brush for some, at times, frankly bizarre designs.


Today’s is no different. Due to feeling a little lazy about sketching an entire cat on my eyelid, I thought, why not just use my pupil as the albeit slightly more rotund body of a cat? Decision made, I whacked on a bit of pink over and above the lid, from the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Acid…

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