Review Tuesday – Ecover non-bio laundry liquid and concentrated fabric conditioner…

I rarely do reviews - although, if you want to read some, I recommend - but I was sent a goodie bag from the kind people at Ecover last September. I've only just got round to writing this review because I had moved into a new flat with a new (to me) washing machine and … Continue reading Review Tuesday – Ecover non-bio laundry liquid and concentrated fabric conditioner…

A very twisted Valentine’s from Christian Grey, by Beth Penny

Another classic from the Valentine’s archive of doom…
50 Shades of ‘jog on, Mr Grey’.

Sophie's Voice

I was 18 when I first read 50 shades of grey. Whilst reading it, I felt so uncomfortable and it had nothing to do with the sex or ‘kinky’ stuff that was happening. After re-reading I realised it was because what was really written on those pages was an abusive relationship being sold to me as a love story. Not only me, but millions of people were reading this book and worryingly, falling in love with the man that is Christian Grey wishing they had their very own version of him.

But we need to ask the question- would you be happy with a partner who micro managed your life, dictated what you ate, required you to exercise a certain amount of days a week and cut you off from your friends and family? Add some good looks, a six pack and a billionaire status and you have Christian Grey.

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Screw you, Hallmark…

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers!

Sophie's Voice

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day, dahlinks.

I may have mentioned in passing that I am no great romantic.

What I am is a lover of stationery, expensive confectionery, flowers, good food, exciting lingerie, dressing up, champagne and good company.

All of which are available on any day of the year. Suck on that, Hallmark – you emotion vultures.

If you’ve made arrangements for today, have a lovely time. If you haven’t, well done. You’re bucking the trend of consumer sheepery.

Now go and enjoy all of the above list. Wherever and whenever you want. As often as you want.

Because you’re worth it. You really are.

As an aside, if anyone wants to buy me this outfit as a gift, I would be very happy to accept it.

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Not reticent – the 6 year old who just can’t be arsed…

I am a fairly slapdash parent. I'm competitive in a low maintenance kind of way (I don't get my knickers in a twist about stuff the kids have no aptitude for - what's the point?) but I am really showoff-y if they get a good part in the nativity. Anyway, for a long time we … Continue reading Not reticent – the 6 year old who just can’t be arsed…

The sad truth about blogging…

Lots of things about blogging are wonderful - the invites, the freebies, the people you meet, for example. The image of the typical blogger is a cliché nowadays. Apparently we're all blonde, thin, young and live in lofts with bare or bright white walls that are full of furniture from a Scandinavian modern design classic … Continue reading The sad truth about blogging…

Car – day 3 of #Blogtober2017

Part of the point of Blogtober is to challenge yourself. The title 'Car' is a lot more difficult than I expected. I grew up around car crazies and 'race bunnies'. I like speed. I like glossy, shiny things. I like engineering. Basically, I like cars. I just don't really want to talk about them. So … Continue reading Car – day 3 of #Blogtober2017

Babies – day 2 of #Blogtober2017

Well, it's been a long, hard day here at Sophie's Voice House and I got home to children who were both tired and happy. Tired because they don't lie in over the weekend (although they don't wake me up now either - until they're hungry) or use it for relaxation purposes at all, apparently. Happy … Continue reading Babies – day 2 of #Blogtober2017

All about you…day 1 of Blogtober 2017

Well, all about me - and, thank goodness. After all, I never talk about myself, do I? I decided to answer a selection of random questions I've been asked in the 8 years I've been doing this. I feel like the questions may surprise you more than the answers. Do you make your bed every … Continue reading All about you…day 1 of Blogtober 2017