Blogtober 2020 – the prompts…

This year Mandi Morrison at Big Family Organised Chaos is, once again, organising a Blogtober challenge. Corralling bloggers is not an easy job but she's bravely taken it on - although, if anyone can do it, it's got to be a woman who can deal with 7 children daily. I'll be trying to keep up … Continue reading Blogtober 2020 – the prompts…

When you lose your va va voom…

A lot of things have happened lately that have affected the way I interact with the world. Many of my regular readers will know that I have been ill for a while. It's a bore for everyone concerned - it's tiring and demotivating and makes me listless and incapable of focusing. My energy levels rise … Continue reading When you lose your va va voom…

My New Year Resolutions

I shot my mouth off and agreed to this piece because I thought it would be easy. In theory it should be but something changed in 2015. A tiny part of my existence clicked and everything was different -  somehow ineffably and intangibly. After wilderness years, there is hope. Christmas used to be a big … Continue reading My New Year Resolutions

The secret of my success

The title of this post is tongue in cheek but Sophie's Voice is celebrating at the moment. As some of you may know, I made it to number 7 on the Brand dot Blog top 100 lifestyle blogs for 2016 last week. I filled in my details so that I could be considered for PR … Continue reading The secret of my success

Things that inspire me about blogging

One of the best things about blogging challenges is that each writer is given a title and then has to find their own interpretation. I'm supposed to be giving you a list of 5 to 10 things that inspire me about blogging today. Now, I could probably give you more - since I often use … Continue reading Things that inspire me about blogging

Letter from the Editor

As you obviously already know, I have a little website. It's pretty good - if I say so myself - and kind of going places. Sophie's Voice operates on multiple social media channels and is designed for multifaceted readers with eclectic tastes. In the new year, things are changing and I'm going to have to … Continue reading Letter from the Editor

Day 17 of the Blogtober Challenge – my top tips for new bloggers

Put simply...just write. It's all I can say. Many people gave me advice on how to make a blog readable and it all came down to 'use your own voice'. Well, to make a voice sing beautifully, you have to exercise it. Also, and it's obvious when you think about it, if you don't write … Continue reading Day 17 of the Blogtober Challenge – my top tips for new bloggers

Jay Miranda, a blogger I admire – Day 15 of the Blogtober Challenge

Without a doubt, the blogger who got me interested in writing Sophie's Voice most is Jay Miranda. She's best known as a fashion blogger but she also writes the odd article about motherhood. and Hispano-American politics. When I started I thought that I would write about fashion most of the time - following on from the … Continue reading Jay Miranda, a blogger I admire – Day 15 of the Blogtober Challenge

Day 2 of the Blogtober Challenge – My favourite quote…

When I got this assignment I felt sure that I had to choose the epic starting sentence from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina as my favourite quote. That sounds pretentious - but it is truly amazing. However, I've never managed to get further than page 121 of my Penguin edition. I've tried - once a year since … Continue reading Day 2 of the Blogtober Challenge – My favourite quote…

Dear Readers,

Here I the start of a new journey. Terrified, to be frank. Sophie's Voice is expanding and I'd just got comfortable. I've used a moving house metaphor in the past and it couldn't feel more perfect today. Facebook was my starter home. I spent a lot of time and effort making sure that the colours were cohesive. I made my … Continue reading Dear Readers,