It’s a blast from the past throwback Thursday today…

Originally published in 2018, I've updated this post about the iconic Boots Seventeen range at the end... Gutting for many of those 'of a certain age' is the news that Boot's Seventeen range of makeup is presently being pulled from the shelves. For so many girls and young women, it was our first access to … Continue reading It’s a blast from the past throwback Thursday today…

Sophie’s Voice Love Yourself Week: Day 1 – Let’s be brave together

It’s Throwback Thursday and tomorrow sees the start of Self Care September.

What seems like a million years ago I went from writing It Took Two to editing Sophie’s Voice.

I launched my new website with a project that was far too ambitious for my time and abilities but I did, at least, launch. As a good friend told me at the time, “it doesn’t have to be perfect – it has to be done”. She had a big influence on me – like many other readers.

I can’t thank you enough. To a large extent, interaction with my readers (who I now think of as my friends) is a form of self care for me. As you can see from the cover photo, back then, I was happiest when hidden.

I hope you think I’m here for you as much as I appreciate you being here for me.

Thank you – each and every one.

With my love and respect,


Sophie's Voice

Dear Readers,

Welcome to what I hope will be a success. There are no guarantees and, when I announced this grand event, I didn’t realise that it was going to be such a massive challenge. You see, I’m not usually required to maintain consistent levels of output (and you do indulge me very kindly in that) but, as I’m going to keep reiterating this week, how are we all going to love ourselves if we stick in the same rut?

I’m also intent on making this a personal journey for me. I write better when I have a connection to the subject matter and, believe it or not, just like everyone else I struggle with self-doubt, low self-esteem, Imposter Syndrome and a whole gamut of other little gremlins – and I mean the ‘invest in canned goods’ type of gremlins.

In short, I need to learn to love myself a…

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Throwback Thursday: How is this Acceptable?

Throwback Thursday comes with a familiar theme - that's right, Donald Trump. At times now I wonder where I would be without him. Then I remember...I wouldn't be worrying about civil rights abuses or the steady stream of Republican blondes on TV reminding me that baking and family making is a wonderful ambition - while … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: How is this Acceptable?

Throwback Thursday – the final walk around…

I wrote this post as I went live with Sophie's Voice for the very first time. I love change - and I hate it too. I'm so excited by new things but I also need something solid. I like hotels but it's room service and turn downs that make me feel special. I like to rent … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – the final walk around…

Throwback to 2017: February Instagram challenge

It's a little late but here are last month's Instagram challenge posts from the Sophie's Voice feed. Each title will link to the corresponding Instagram post. Day 1 - 'a street' Le Grand Escalier and the boulevard d'Athènes in Marseille, seen from Saint-Charles train station - photographed after a very rare rain shower. I remember … Continue reading Throwback to 2017: February Instagram challenge

Throwback Thursday: It doesn’t have to be good – but it has to make you happy…

Editor's note: this post first appeared on August 15th, 2015. It's pertinent today as I bid farewell to my daughters tomorrow. They are off on holiday to the Bahamas with their father for his brother's wedding. I will miss them like crazy. "If you work in a digital media role you never escape the office. I … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: It doesn’t have to be good – but it has to make you happy…