‘Happy Holidays’ is just good manners…

I served a Muslim woman and her daughter at work today. They come in a lot so we know them well - the daughter's kids are always gutted that our gummy sweets aren't halal... But we just got new vegan ones so I let them know and they were so excited. It was such a … Continue reading ‘Happy Holidays’ is just good manners…

Mulled wine recipe…

The period of Twixtmas has a slow moving charm. There's not much to do if you have the time off. There's eating, drinking, TV, sales shopping, visiting relatives, taking long baths, reading books, trying not to kill the kids, taking brisk walks...basically there's lots of time to do nothing. And the perfect drink to go … Continue reading Mulled wine recipe…

Christmas Eve Eve Gingerbread biscuits 

After 41 years I have finally made gingerbread biscuits that pass muster. Allow me to impart my wisdom, dear friends.... Ingredients: 2 cups / 8oz / 225g plain flour; 2 heaped teaspoons dried ginger; 1 level teaspoon dried cinnamon; 1 heaped teaspoon mixed spice; 1 level teaspoon dried nutmeg; 1 quarter teaspoon bicarbonate of soda … Continue reading Christmas Eve Eve Gingerbread biscuits 

Things that inspire me about blogging

One of the best things about blogging challenges is that each writer is given a title and then has to find their own interpretation. I'm supposed to be giving you a list of 5 to 10 things that inspire me about blogging today. Now, I could probably give you more - since I often use … Continue reading Things that inspire me about blogging

Blogmas Gift ideas

Gift ideas are complicated, aren't they? On a personal level, I'm a spoilt brat inside and do a Rachel Green if people buy 'off list' for me. Having said that, I don't expect a present and my list is always extensive with options for every budget and friend. I like Toblerone bars. Buy me one … Continue reading Blogmas Gift ideas

A Blogmas Wordless Wednesday

The 2015 Claridges Christmas tree design - by Burberry's Christopher Bailey. Edit: The picture shows the original design but it's now possible to provide photos of the tree during the day and at night - so you can see it with the desired light effects. Posted from WordPress for Android

Blogmas begins with my likes and dislikes

When somebody asks you to write a post about five likes and / or dislikes, you think 'easy'. Then you sit back and... Seriously, I know that I overthink everything but this has really taught me about myself. Specifically that I'm quite possibly completely incapable of focus. Likes Pomeranian dogs - I'm not going to … Continue reading Blogmas begins with my likes and dislikes