Stanning on Generation Z – spoiler alert: they’re lovely…

By now lots of you have probably already tasted a flavour of Twins The New Trend – Tim and Fred Williams – via the viral video of them discovering Phil Collins (if you haven’t I promise it’s better than I make it sound) but all their content is worth checking out.

Image shows cover for In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Click image to listen on Spotify.

Imagine twin brothers sharing the screen and listening to ‘old’ music for the first time.

Image shows the hosts of YouTube channel, Twins The New Trend. Photo credit, Twins The New Trend

They’re Gen Z and they’re trying out anything and everything they’ve never heard (and, in some cases, heard of) before. Boomer, Gen-X, Xennial, Milennial – it doesn’t matter. They’ve done Clapton, Joplin, Dolly Parton (I think 5 times so far – they like a narrative in a song, btw), Cash (also a comeback kid for them), Marley, Collins (of course), the Eurythmics, Toto, Cyndi Lauper (she’s featured twice too), Whitney Houston (singing a song by Dolly – they really like Dolly!), the Spice Girls and so many more.

Image shows a collage of artists featured on the Twins The New Trend YouTube channel.

There is no hint of irony or cynicism in their feedback – it’s the purest, most wholesome musical critique I’ve ever experienced. Even Vice is singing their praises – telling readers that they “remind us all how wonderful it is to learn about new things.“.

They’re right – it is so joy bringing. These young men are charming, intelligent, open minded, creative and inspiring. I absolutely love watching their reactions.

I’ve shared their Facebook page here (just click on the highlighted text) but, if you feel like moving into their real social medium, follow the YouTube channel (again, click on the text) as there’s much more content there.

What is a particularly pleasant waste of time is the feedback. Yes, the comments are actually worth reading. They’re from fans of the channel, fans of the boys (a lot of whom appear to be parents who aspire to have kids who are this lovely) and – often most touchingly – fans of the music.

Just a word of warning, I watched the review of Elvis Presley’s In The Ghetto this morning and was moved to tears. Yep, they can even get to this cynical ice queen.

Image shows cover art for Elvis Presley’s In The Ghetto. Click the image to listen on Spotify.

Here’s the review of one of my all time favourite ‘choons’ – it’s Outkast (with the absolutely wonderful Andre 3000) singing Hey Ya!.

The boys (I know they’re men by now but they’re the sons I wanted) get to see the original video too. Let’s just say that they find Andre fascinating.

Image shows Andre 3000.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

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