Blogmas begins with my likes and dislikes

4 years ago I was much better organised around the holiday season and I was a regular Blogmas contributor. Here’s my first ever Blogmas post for Sophie’s Voice – when this incarnation of my blog was just about to celebrate its second birthday. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sophie's Voice

When somebody asks you to write a post about five likes and / or dislikes, you think ‘easy’. Then you sit back and…

Seriously, I know that I overthink everything but this has really taught me about myself. Specifically that I’m quite possibly completely incapable of focus.


Pomeranian dogs – I’m not going to apologise for this. They’re cheery. There isn’t enough cheery about.


Seafood – most of it anyway. Mainly I prefer it hot but a really handsome man can feed it to me cold dipped in aïoli. I give my consent freely.


Midnight blue – it’s not navy and it’s not purple. Sorry, I know it when I see it – it’s just perfect.


Peonies – they flower for two weeks of the year. One of which contains my birthday. If I don’t get given them, I buy them for myself.


Speed – I have a naturally…

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