For retail staff, this is the holiday season…

Confession time…

While I enjoyed trick or treating last night, I’m not all that about Halloween.

I have worked in retail – on and off – for about 28 years now. I started as a ‘Christmas special’ and I still absolutely love the run up to Christmas – in fact I love the entire holiday season.

Everything we ring up at the till at this time of year is designed to bring the customer (or the gift recipient) joy. It’s all sequins and high heels and sparkly clutch bags – or snuggly pyjamas and bath products and hot chocolate mugs.

Goodwill is infectious and retail staff make a real effort to be your favourite elves.

What I’m trying to say (in a very longwinded fashion) is let them help you out. We’re not the adversary. We love the holidays too.

Yes, it’s our busiest time. Yes, we sometimes get confused, or impatient, or a little bit lost for words. We don’t mean to – it’s just a lot to take on when we’re always in a rush. But we try our best to help – to keep the customer satisfied.

All over the next couple of months on this blog – and its other social media platforms – I’ll be trying to ease the pressure on you with helpful tips on how to shop smarter and suggestions for presents.

Here’s a photo of my work OOTD. Yes, I threw on sequins with my weird bondage pants. It’s juxtaposition, people – and it’s a real thing.

My workwear choices are often a bit ‘extra’. This is probably the least inappropriate thing I’ve put on over the last month – I wore a floor length prairie dress on the day when I had to change 7 mannequins. Although two of them were half size so maybe that only counts as 6. I have learnt my lesson from that, though. I promise.

Enjoy autumn. If you have to think of the holidays to get through it, I’ll be here.


Sophie xx