One week until Mother’s Day – get your shizz together, please, everybody…

Here’s an old favourite that’s always relevant on the day before Mother’s Day.
Enjoy being strongly advised by an expert in failed Hallmark holidays.

Sophie's Voice

Have you planned your Mother’s Day celebrations? If not, good luck trying to get that reservation.

Do something that I rarely advise and take the advice of Miss Vogue and buy your mother a luxurious present that isn’t related to you or the kitchen.

I also have a few little tips that will earn you a gold star sticker – or a merit badge, if you manage them all:

Give your Mum (please note the capital – she deserves it) a lie in. Change her sheets the night before if you want. Remember reciprocity is one of the keys to peace. I prefer it if my bed looks like something from my imagined Parisian apartment.

Make sure that a cup of tea or coffee is ready for her when she wakes up. I know some people go for breakfast in bed but make sure that she likes it. Personally, I’m…

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