The Sophie’s Voice declaration – or don’t let the GDPR get you down…

As boring as GDPR probably seems to most people, it’s important to bloggers who run a newsletter or who regularly communicate with their followers by email or other forms of messaging.

I don’t. In all honesty, I’ve never wanted to bother you, dear readers. I get so much junk mail that I appreciate how quickly it gets deleted and how little gets read. Thank you if you haven’t binned me in the past.

There is the opportunity to sign up for notifications when a new post goes live on my site. It may be a good thing as I don’t exactly inundate you with content – but I offer you the information via my other social media platforms too and that seems to work. At present the only GDPR measures I have had to take are this post and a new notification when you look at the blog. Not too intrusive, I hope.

If you have signed up, I only have your email address. I don’t need any more than that. Why would I? I suppose I could ask for more and then sell it to Russian data dickheads but I don’t have enough followers to appeal to them, frankly. Also, I don’t know for sure but I don’t think they pay enough for me to be tempted to totally compromise my integrity.

Anyway, feel safe, my friends. You can easily opt out of the email notifications but I would rather you think about opting in if you like the blog – then you won’t miss out on any of the latest shenanigans. If you are interested in getting the news, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find this delightfully brief invitation.

And that is the end of that. Forgive me the intrusion. I hope nobody who receives my emails feels harassed by them – but you can easily unsubscribe and I won’t be offended.

I just realised that this post sounds a bit needy. This may be the reason…

No apologies. Pink gin is fun! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

Sophie xx

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