The Sophie’s Voice newsletter…

Until the inbox newsletter is up and running, Monday will involve a quick roundup of stuff we love – or hate – each week. Short and sweet is the name of the game so it’s bullet points and brief.

The weather is getting warmer and everything seems relatively tropical. I can’t resist the urge to be a bit premature but I’m not stripping down to my undercrackers yet. Instead I’m showing off my hands and feet a bit more. During the winter Sophie’s Voice was a fur filled hygge office. Depilation is overrated during hurricanes and blizzards and I’m not that keen on shaving above the knees anyway. Instead I thermalised by layering my natural insulation with knee high socks and layers.

My hands and feet were gnarly and in need of tlc. I have done a peel and a foot mask. Amazon is selling a pair from l’Biotica that are excellent and very reasonably priced. I’m also using Superdrug intensive foot lotion every night and their microfile hard skin remover whenever I have a bath. My feet aren’t baby soft but they aren’t dragon claws now either.

I mentioned a taste for the tropical…well, I am finally painting my toenails again. I could have gone with a colour inspired by Spring but I’ll be cursing myself if I miss the opportunity to go all out holiday. I chose Nails Inc. Great Eastern Street as it’s a hot coral that you can use with their neon activator products if you want to go party party.

To compliment the colour Poundshop online has a number of L’Occitane products from their Brazil range in stock. They won’t last so get in quick. Postage is relatively expensive but they’re selling £15 products for a quid. I’m not complaining.

Despite the sun and the warm breeze, it’s still sprautumn. I’m still wearing an (admittedly lightweight) coat every morning. I am not willing to spend significant amounts of money on spring / summer fashion. It’s not something that changes much.

That’s not to say that I’m entirely insensitive to excitement at the idea of shedding seven layers of jersey. Honestly I can’t fling the stuff into storage boxes quick enough. However nobody gets excited about clothes meant for rain and wind. Utility is dull – it’s all twill and trenches. Wall to wall neutrals. Now I’m going to explain the six degrees of separation that led to my latest fashion obsession:

Article about satin in Vogue; discovery that satin can look relevant if it’s used for utility cut clothing; reminder that I have a utility cut matt satin skirt; subsequent realisation that I own a similar shape skirt in electric blue twill – and khaki twill; thoughts of rainforest plants and…kapow – khaki and hot pink go together; save the electric blue for the (well waterproofed) suede ballet pumps that will tie everything together.

Khaki – or olive green – and pink is my new favourite colour combo for spring. Just enough hopefulness with the practical. Although I’ll probably wear them with my gold and tan two tone lace ups for a little while yet. Those shoes were a fab find – thank you, La Redoute. There’s a 30% discount on purchases at the moment too. Just use the code SAVE30 at the checkout.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, don’t forget that it may not be hot but the sun is out and skin is not immune from its effects. I’m catching it – and I’m basically the same colour as Nebula. Try a daily moisturiser with an SPF. Simple does a great range of age resist products that have an SPF of 15. They’re pretty cheap for something powerful and feel wonderfully caring.

So there we are…my first weekly update. Hopefully it’s put a little spring in your step. Yes, I did a jeu de mots. Why not? They’ll probably be banned after Brexit.

Enjoy your week, dear readers.

Sophie x

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