Review Tuesday: Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, Thermaliv Soin Nuit Night Cream and AfterSpa Magic Makeover Cloth…

I’m writing a review about products I actually want to check out this week. I needed the opportunity to treat myself and washing detergent is lovely but it doesn’t feel much like retail therapy.

I am getting older. “No!”, you say, “she’s like Peter Pan”. Well even Nevermind gets forgotten, dear readers…or becomes the nightmarish vision of popular music’s most tragic figure. Better to face down the years by drinking in the dark while slathered in unctuous products and take an expensive vitamin supplement, I say. I could embrace ageing with dignity but I’m insecure and the HMS Gracious Debutante left harbour around the time I got into work hungover, still wearing silver hotpants and called my line manager ‘Daddy’. In other words a long time ago. God, I loved those shorts…

I love oil based beauty products. They feel like a treat and that appeal isn’t lost on the beauty industry. I have used a L’Oréal oil cleanser on and off for ages (it’s reviewed in the link) and it’s great but I usually follow it with some type of foaming cleanser. It means I’m doing the same job twice and I need to move fast with kids. It’s luxurious but it’s time consuming…bit of a win / lose.

The Caudalie cleansing oil feels less viscous than the L’Oréal version. You would expect it to be runnier but it isn’t. I was organised because I only had a small sample and I didn’t want to waste it. I was all set for the sachet juggle movement. It turned out I easily had enough for 3 tries so I’m a happy bunny.

I used less than I do with other oils and I didn’t have to use another step to remove any residual product. Not even micellar water or toner – just rub in and add a little water before the wipe. One possibility is the fact that I used the clever little AfterSpa cloth.

I’m going to be honest…it feels, well, weird. I like face cloths (they’re good as a soft exfoliant) and hot cloths (I’m all about squeaky clean) but they don’t actually make any grand claims. AfterSpa definitely do. It’s supposed to remove your makeup on its own. I don’t trust that claim and I’ve used it before alone. Not all that. However, it’s softer than a cotton wool pad and either a face cloth or muslin cloth. Together the oil and it worked. Plus it’s supposed to last for thousands of uses. That is going to save you money in the long run…let’s just say I’m on the fence. I got two. I will probably give one away so I’m not married to it – put it that way.

After my excitement at the Caudalie, I thought I’d try the Thermoliv Night Cream. This has been a long and, frankly, miserable winter. My skin is getting drier but I don’t need something too heavy yet. This is a good compromise. It’s a cream but it’s not heavy. You can put it on your hands then massage on – rather than applying with a spatula. I would say use it then clean your teeth – then apply a bit more. You won’t have greasy skin in the morning. I got up and did the school run without doing my face and looked perfectly normal. My skin actually looks and feels great. I still haven’t found a miracle cream but this is pretty good.

A word about supplements. I don’t always eat my 5 a day. I may get fresh air but I live in Liverpool and the rain is definitely not a neutral ph. Your feet get dirty in sandals. I use products with an SPF and I don’t drink much but I have an occasional cigarette and a lot of caffeine so I am not perfect. I figure every little helps. I have been using Beauty Beneath for two months. Honestly I don’t know if they’re working but, at £39.99 for a month’s supply, I wouldn’t touch them if they weren’t free. There are plenty of skin and hair supplements around and a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral combination comes in at between 10 and 20 percent of the price. I feel good, I look alright, I have noticed less bugs. Taking a supplement worked – I just think that I can spend less for the same effects.

So, the verdict. I loved the Caudalie. It’s £18 a pop, though. I would say that it will last and it’s a one step wonder. Add the code ‘OIL10’ at the checkout and you get 10% off. As regular readers will know, I’m cheap – and I’m definitely buying it.

The AfterSpa Magic Makeover Cloth is a no for me. It’s £8.95. Seriously. That doesn’t require an explanation.

I’m all ‘shall I?’ with the Thermoliv. It costs £21 and it’s out of stock. There’s a reason. It’s bloody good. It’s a grafter. A bit of an unsung hero. The trouble is I like sparkle and shiny. Maybe I should spend my money on that and just buy a Vitamin E cleanser at the supermarket but I have a feeling we all know what the Queen of Bad Decisions will do…


Oh, fuck it. I regret nothing. Apart from the ‘daddy’ thing. That I am never living down. And this selfie.

That hair is the inbetween stage of the colouring process…ah, who cares? It’s candy floss at the moment.

Edit: both the AfterSpa cloth and the Thermoliv night cream came from my January Birchbox. I get a monthly subscription and I’m working on a review post but, if you’re interested, use this code and you get £5 off your first month’s box. That’s about half price – which is pretty good value. Plus life is too short not to treat yourself.

I got the Beauty Beneath supplements from Glossybox. You can get 20% off your first order here – or use the Sophie’s Voice code SOPHIE-RD at the checkout.

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