Babies – day 2 of #Blogtober2017

Well, it’s been a long, hard day here at Sophie’s Voice House and I got home to children who were both tired and happy.

Tired because they don’t lie in over the weekend (although they don’t wake me up now either – until they’re hungry) or use it for relaxation purposes at all, apparently.

Happy because Child 2 is usually happy and overjoyed, in the case of Child 1, because she’s been made Captain of Squirrel House (relax, it’s got 4 members so not exactly Gryffindor) and has to carry a flag at some school shebang on Friday.

Go No. 2 – especially for deciding to get into bed at 6.15pm and go No. 1 – for always, always being an optimist.

Here’s a photo of us three when we got stuck on the doorstep after I forgot my keys last year. We’re a gang – a gang of twits, but a gang anyway.

Our uniform is comprised of parkas, high tops and bobble hats. We love Fantastic Mr Fox and petting strange cats we meet on the street. Chippy chips are a favourite on a grey day and we’re founder members of the Hot Chocolate Club. We like felt crafts and baking pumpkin muffins.

That’s my babies!

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