Porridge can be posh too…

Porridge – or ‘oatmeal’, as our American cousins say – is pretty standard breakfast fare during the 9 months that serve as sprautumn / winter here in Liverpool.

I know you all know how to make basic porridge. I know you all know that you can use whatever milk you like. I know you know that you can use different oats.

I’m not going to go through the basics – because I have to mother two children who won’t even eat my porridge every single day and I just can’t be bothered.

However I will tell you how I make mine more interesting so you can try some new ways to make your own bowl of wallpaper paste tasty. Or taste different, anyway.

I make porridge on the hob. Microwave just doesn’t taste the same to me – and you don’t get to control the consistency as exactly.

I use half full fat milk (I have it in the fridge for the kids anyway) and half just boiled water (because I boil the kettle to make coffee at the same time). That means that it cooks quicker because I don’t have to wait for the milk to heat from chilled.

Once the oats are in the pan, I add the other ingredients. All the suggestions are for a large bowl worth of porridge. One large bowl…like I said, those little shits won’t eat any cereals that don’t come from a box containing a toy.

At the moment, I’m doing pumpkin spice. It’s not exactly the same as the stuff they add to your coffee but it’s pretty good. Just add a level teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to the pan and stir it in. Add maple syrup or golden syrup too and you’re happy. You can bung in a couple of drops of vanilla extract – if you’re feeling sorry for yourself. It’s like retreating to childhood in a bowl. That’s always good.

I also recommend porridge made by adding a couple of heaped tablespoons of ground almonds and one of sultanas. It has a creaminess that is comforting with a few juicy little surprises.

Then there’s a heaped desertspoonful of chia seeds and a teaspoonful of raspberry jam. Bonne Maman is amazing but almost everywhere does a generic version now (Asda’s even have prettier pots). Make sure you have dental floss for the afterwards. It’s French inspired but it’s all soviet era for your dentistry.

If you have any of your own specialties, feel free to comment. I will top up as I go through the season.

Have a delicious breakfast tomorrow!

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