I was supposed to be writing a marketing strategy but life got in the way…

Just spent an hour tracking down the pesky varmints who held up Barbie’s bank. She was not having any of that. She and Jessie formed a round up gang and tracked the criminals down to the disused mine shaft.

They arrested Telly the Fisher Price rotary phone and Bad Cat but some of the gang escaped. Sheriff Woody is tracking them down with Officer Judy Hopps (down from the big city on the tail of BC) – with information from Mrs Potato Head, who runs the saloon, while Mr P-H is a stay at home dad looking after Big Baby.

We left the story for lunch just as Nick Wilde – notorious card sharp and con man – has purchased the old mine. With Dr Evil Porkchop and the Penguin still on the loose and the mine back in business, will there be a gold rush?

Will Mrs P-H extend her business empire and become a madam (we have a million Barbies who need jobs) or an opium dealer? Will Mr P-H go back to work? Will Barbie and Jessie settle down to life on the ranch or seek more adventure?

Will the quiet backwoods town of Mossley Hill become the next Hell On Wheels with the expansion of the Railroad?

That all depends on the imagination of a 3 year old – and whether or not she can remember where she hid the Lego bag.

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