If anyone thinks I’m not a social media natural, I simply refer them to this post – written during the labour of child 1.

I even managed to write this comment…

“I can confirm that ‘we’ are in labour. For that, please read: I’m just lying around while my tiny, so far unborn, offspring tries to kill me. Thank God for diamorphine – it is lovely & woozy in my birth bubble now.”.

That labour lasted 49 minutes. Amazingly I managed to order a new handbag during the birth of her sister…that labour took 17 minutes.

I can handle a credit card like a trophy wife…and post reasonably intelligent – if completely superficial – content even while high on the joy induced by ‘the miracle of human life’. Go me.

Child 1 is 6 tomorrow…and currently eating McDonald’s on the living room floor after I had to cancel her birthday party in the park this afternoon, due to bad weather.

Message me for more details about my digital marketing services. I also work when not giving birth. And handle PR and events – both skills I have had to use today.

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