Review: Poundland smoky eye products

A while ago I wanted some new hair grips for the kids. And some apricot lightbulbs (super flattering). And some Pom Bears to go with cream of asparagus cup-a-soup – try it, it’s better than you’d expect.

Anyway I thought I’d buy some nail polish…then a little…you see where this is going.

£13 down on makeup. 13 products taken home. Plus feelings of giddiness and guilt.

I decided to buy every single product that Poundland recommends for the smoky eye look that they’re using for their ads at the moment. It’s one that I do all the time so I knew what I was going for and had a benchmark.

I’m old school when it comes to makeup and stuck in a rut by the standards of most users today – if the information from cosmetics companies can be relied upon. I don’t use a specialist contouring product, for instance. Sorry but I know I can get a similar effect with other methods and I’m cheap. 

For £13 I knocked that on the head and blitzed myself – liquid foundation; concealer; contour & highlighter; blusher; powder; 3 eyeshadow crayons; liquid eyeliner; brow pencil; mascara; lipstick and a nail polish.

Now, since I normally do a review of one product at a time, this will be a whistlestop tour. Hold on – it’s going to be a bumpy night.

The foundation gives very light coverage. It’s dewy and feels like a little extra moisturiser…but it’s basically a tint that evens your skin out a bit. Good in the summer, on balance.

The concealer is solid and I wasn’t that impressed at the time but the picture says ‘yes’ so go for it.

Oh god, here goes nothing – the contour & highlighter set… I was pretty sparing but I found the highlighter was too dark to do much. However you could try one of the lighter eyeshadow sticks instead and blend with warm fingers.

I liked the blusher. It’s not very highly pigmented but the colour is really cute and it costs eff all. 

The powder was also great but it doesn’t travel and it’s almost loose. I’m using it again.

Now the fun…the eyes. I did my brows first with the brow pencil. It’s not terrible but I won’t change my normal product for it. 

The eyeshadow sticks leave me undecided. The platinum one is fab for highlighting browbones. I am sticking with it. The pink is pretty and a flattering base which I would use on its own with eyeliner and a bright lip any day. However the grey stick was just…a massive pain in the arse, actually. You can’t layer colours so you have to be as good at colouring in the lines as a competitive 6 year old – otherwise you end up having to apply it twice, blend a lot and then pray. Luckily I like a messy look. It works – but you need to know what you’re doing.

The slate grey liquid eyeliner covered some of my inadequacies. I liked it. A lot. It’s not so dark that I had to do a perfect flick. Besides, I like a smoky eye that looks a bit ‘morning after’.

The mascara is workaday. You need two coats on a good day. You need three for this look. Although I would never fuck my lashes up that much. Me – a woman who regularly reduces her hair to hay then covers it in a dye that has no redeeming value to its host? No siree. 

The lipstick I love. It’s super pale peachy gold. It’s exactly the same colour as the Tom Ford for Estée Lauder lipstick I put my name on a waiting list for in 2006. And which I have never used. I’m pretty pleased that I found it.

One last word on the nail polish. I bought baby pink. Don’t bother. Just pick something highly pigmented and apply two coats.

Here are the results – yes, I have a spot. 

I can’t recommend the whole line but I can say that I was surprised that cosmetics that cost a quid a pop worked so well. I used my own brushes where needed so I didn’t shell out any more money than that £13. 

You can see the results – sans filter – so you decide.

And, yes, I made a gif. Clever old me.

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