Sorry but not sorry – sometimes you can’t apologise enough 

I’m so happy about Emmanuel Macron’s statements about France’s role in the holocaust.

People tend to romanticise the French occupation. We have an image of an entire country united in resistance – lots of berets and farmers’ rifles stick in the picture.

They’re just not accurate, sadly. Only around 3% of French citizens resisted under the Vichy regime. And, by ‘resist’, I mean an act as small as reading resistance literature. People died for things as negligible as printing those sheets. 

The French nation has been fine with running with the myths and legends for too long. People are complaining that first world countries apologise too often. Well, yes…but no. You can’t regret being a lynchpin for genocide too much really, can you? If you say ‘yes’ to that question you really should have a word with yourself.

Macron just made a spectacular arse of himself with his über condescending comments about Africa. This can’t rectify that but he has done two things no other world leader has since he got the big job – he’s taken on Putin over the Chechen gay purges and he’s said sorry for his country’s part in a horrendous chapter of world history.

I hate it when people are problematic – and I hate it when they’re doing the good/bad combo more. It’s far too conflicting.

On which note, I wish tous les citoyens de la France a belated happy Bastille Day and Bonne Fête Nationale. I hope that bellend Donald Trump didn’t dampen spirits too much. 

And here’s a picture of the man who is (arguably) the handsomest world leader.

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