Gathering Raindrops, Josephine Fox

I’m gathering rain drops for my rain collection

to counteract the puddles of disaffection

Inescapable wetness of reflection, filling up this jar

whilst gusting winds push my soul further afar

An outlook so bizarre, miniscule little mar

A need to push the clouds above the plethora of stars

And when I have enough to fill my stormy little sea

You may row, row, row the fuck away from me.

Josephine Fox is a 30-something writeaholic, living in the English countryside, on the cusp of self publishing a lewd novel…or adding it to the other 14 that remain unpublished. A dreadful, yet eager, amateur photographer. Far too click happy for her own good. She has a slight obsession with bearded gents. And coffee. And profanity. And cheesecake. And geeky facts. And Portuguese philosophers.

You can find more of her work on her own blog.

(Editor’s note – she’s also absolutely delightful.)

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