Beauty Tuesday review: all the oils…

If you follow my Facebook feed, you may have been subjected to my recent video post during which I demonstrated my ability to talk crap and stroke my face. I apologise profusely.

Happily, that dire event has resulted in me acquiring some wisdom – which I intend to share with you, my patient readers.

I decided to do a review after I dyed my hair grey. That process was never going to be as simple as expected – mainly, I suspect, because some higher power was trying to punish me for treating my hair like an unappreciated canvass for so many many years. I’ll run you through the process very quickly: strip hair of all existing colour using the strongest possible variety of bleach (twice); use toner (for double the recommended length of time – as you’re going for white rather than getting rid of yellow tones); dye hair with a white blonde colour; dye a second time with a grey colour. In total that took two days…and that’s the shortened version.

Anyway, it left my hair with a texture best described as ‘hay’. It looked good on the second day after washing but there was no disguising the damage when it was super clean. No treatment seemed to work. I loved that I could get away with washing it once every 5 or 6 days – but one of them was a non starter.

I have never had dry hair before. Yes, yes, yes – blah, blah, blah, poor little me. I have used conditioning treatments for coloured hair but I didn’t know where to start. I got lucky. I had an old sample of Berber Oil Hair Rehab so I decided to give it a go.

I can honestly say that I have never used a better product on my hair. I always recommend Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner – which is as effective but has no ‘luxe factor’. Berber Oil is everything. The only problem is that it isn’t suitable for everyone. If your hair isn’t super dry or damaged, it will probably be too powerful. On the other hand, if it is you’ll be ecstatic. And you only need a teeny tiny amount so even a sample bottle will last and last. Also, I got a second opinion from my friend – who has a beautiful, natural afro – and she loved it.

After that semi miraculous experience, I was inspired to try some oil products that anyone can use. I started with an oil cleanser. I went mainstream and chose l’Oréal’s Extraordinary Cleansing Oil for the experiment. I love cleansing products. The application – involving massaging the product into the skin – is so decadent in contrast to the dirty job it’s actually doing. Indulging yourself while you get rid of the day’s grime is almost perverse.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. It’s not too expensive and it’s effective. You can use it daily (although I recommend a quick wash with a foaming product afterwards – like a Korean style routine) and I think it’s worth it for the treat. You’re worth it – no, they’re not paying me.

Next I used an oil in my bath. The last time l did that it was Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil – which is probably as close to heaven as I can get in a bath. I had high hopes for Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. It’s a beauty legend – a dry oil you can use anywhere? It’s subtly scented (my 5 year old said “it’s how clean rich people smell” – as opposed to us plebs, I suppose) and feels great applied directly to the skin.

I was told that it would make my bath dreamy – my Sunday night bath is kind of a big deal around here so I am demanding. It did not live up to the hype. In conclusion, good on skin, blah in the tub.
Lastly a dry skin oil. I love these. Especially because they have sprays…so easy. So lazy. So perfect for Sunday night. I opted for a generic variety everyone can use – Superdrug’s Vitamin E Creamy Body Oil. It’s good. I was surprised actually – which was silly of me because I choose another product from this range, instead of Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm.

However, ‘it’s good’ – in this case – means ‘it’s everyday and nothing special’. Buy it because it works. Don’t expect to waft around feeling like old Hollywood royalty during the experience, though.
In all, my choice would be the L’oréal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil. Make the end of a long day delicious. Why not? You’re…blah blah blah. I’m certainly holding on to mine. And their foaming cleansers are actually pretty competitively priced so you can save money there. Always thinking, you see…not just a beautifully moisturised face.
Hopefully that has helped you recover from the video!
Sophie x

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