That screen shouldn’t be a veil…

Katie Hopkins is being sued for libel by Jack Monroe – the writer of the Cooking On A Bootstrap blog.

Hopkins took down her original tweet after, apparently, mistaking Monroe for another woman – I guess socialists all look the same, right? – but that didn’t stop her digging deeper. And her moronic Twitter followers took the opportunity to troll away.

Trolling probably doesn’t seem that bad to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. It’s just some anonymous moron name calling, after all.
Except it isn’t. The constant insults are emotionally draining. Imagine spending an extended period of time being insulted and threatened by a faceless army. Imagine them threatening you with rape – and worse, in this case. 

You do get paranoid. You start to doubt yourself. Nobody principled should live like this. It’s insane. If you think you could cope, ask yourself how you would deal if these people threatened your child. Not so easy now, huh?

I thought TERFs were bad – they are radical, after all. These people are just fans of a Daily Mail columnist. They don’t think they’re radical but you may not agree when you consider their behaviour

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