Monday morning tutorial #3 – the Sunday night bath

The art of a bearable Monday is survival. Don’t expect more – you’re not a Disney princess. However, you can make it less of a nightmare and more of a hiatus if you’re careful.

Thus I advise making Sunday evening a pleasure. Lay out your clothes for the next day and have a bath. Nothing too exciting. Just clean yourself up then soak. Or vice versa. 

I write about sleep a lot and it still eludes me. However a state of rest is something that I have come to consider equally valuable. A bath gives me a warm, watery environment for meditative thought and a (relatively) undisturbed opportunity to rest after my children have gone to sleep. Or, if I have childcare, for a leisurely Sunday afternoon of indulgence. 

I recommend lazy products. Wonderfully, they’re normally the ones that are luxurious. Bath bombs are a silly, fizzy treat. Bubble bath still makes me feel as happy as it did when I was a child. Deep conditioning treatments are silky and comforting. Face masks mean you have to sit still for once.

That’s the point…if you live for the weekend, you don’t actually rest. To cope with Monday, you need to collect yourself. A bath gives you that time. Or, if you need it, the excuse.

It’s time for wish you all a reasonable Monday. That’s the best we can hope for but it is a best so yay!

Silver linings…

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