Beauty Tuesday review: Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish

After the success of the Aqua Mirabilis skincare review a fortnight ago I thought maybe I should really give Beauty Tuesday a bit more of a push. At the very least it would mean that I looked a bit spiffier.

I gauge how I am by a few simple markers. After I had babies taking a shower was quite an achievement. One of the benefits of stripping all the colour out of my hair is that I don’t have to wash it very often. It’s glorified hay but it’s silvery hay that’s seemingly impervious to dirt, so that’s ok. If I blowdry it, it’s a very good day. If I shave my legs above the knee that’s, well, amazing. I keep my hands looking pretty but rarely use anything but clear polish. They work and varnish doesn’t stand disgusting kids and washing up and typing and much else really.

So I use a pedicure as another failsafe. I do it on Tuesdays or when the varnish starts to chip or wear – whichever comes first. It means that I can always look down at my toes and see a little colourful cheer.

I had heard mixed reviews about Glossfinity. My makeup artist friend was keen but a few people complained that the colours are boring. There are 26 shades if you buy directly from Max Factor but most retailers stock about 6. It’s a shame because I ended up with a pretty – but bland – colour and I would prefer something with a bit more ‘pep’.

So…I was left with the colour my daughters picked. It’s ok. It’s not me but it’s ok. I took an unusually thorough approach and used a basecoat – Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener because it’s, well, hard as nails – then I went for it.

If I’m honest I was a bit cross with it as it took two coats to really look acceptable. The photo isn’t great (mainly because I have witch’s feet) but I was happy. It was adequately shiny and easy to apply. The blurb says it lasts up to 7 days. The Tuesday afterwards came and it was Valentine’s Day. I was busy and, if I’m honest, I couldn’t see any difference. 

So I left it. I figured I would push it and see what happened. 

And here with have the pictures from yesterday evening – there’s evidence of the lack of top up from the growth but not much in the way of chipping. As far as I can tell the only significant damage is a little wear on the big toe of my left foot. That’s good enough for me.

The comparison is pretty impressive – so, yes, I will be going back for more. Now I can find more colours, I think I’ll try one of the new season Chanel style colours they offer. Hey, it’s not ripping off a brand if you’re another big brand, is it? That is homage, people. That’s the difference. Ahhhh, the arrogance of big business. I would despair of it – except that I love collecting on trend polish colours and I have a Glossfinity budget and disposable qualms.

Another week, another colour. This week it’s Nails Inc’s Kensington High Street. Maybe I’ll try the Glossfinity on my fingernails too.

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