Sophie’s Voice super simple style: my basics…

It’s Fashion Friday, I have a sickly child off school, precisely no post written and very little in the way of enthusiasm…that is a recipe for a helping of a side dish of my life.

I was going to be ambitious today but I have had to pare it down for us all. I’m doing basics. And I’m doing stuff for this time of year. In the north of England. This isn’t exhaustive as I’m going to assume that you own underwear and tights and gloves and the odd pair of socks and so on. Also, I’ve done a few ‘I wear it like this’ bits. Have fun on your own – after all fashion is just Tetris with clothes, isn’t it?

I’ll start with shoes – and, like everything else in basics, they’re flats. Sorry, not sorry. I will do flashy another time. We’re going to have to cope without every detail – joining dots shouldn’t be too hard.

So, shiny tassel loafers, a statement trainer and ankle boots. I have all of these both flat and with heels. Yes, even the trainers. They’re a thing – Isabel Marant does them. She even did them for H&M. That’s the other thing – with the exception of my super cute jumper, everything is from H&M online. Sorry but I was pushed for time. I can find everything I need on their website – the stores are like jumble sales and I couldn’t face the throng. You’ll be able to find similar stuff everywhere. Like I said, basics. I think these should cover most day to day stuff.

And we’re on to leggings. Mother of god, where would I be without them? Yes, I wear plain old black leggings. Yes, they get a lot of wear. Yes, I bin them as soon as they get holes. No, that isn’t all I do with leggings. At the moment, I’m pretty into athleisure so skinny jogger type leggings are pretty amazing with silver trainers.

Clearly I’d wear a strappy heel with the green sequins – I’m not crazy.

Ooh, while we’re on bottoms, I have to say I’m.loving dungarees and a plain black suit pant / bordering on tuxedo trouser looks pretty good too. Add a skinny jean – I still love a skinny flare with a healed loafer, but try finding them – and you are all good.

And coats…we’re on a whistle stop, so keep up. I have opted for a parka, a trench and a checked herringbone-ish coat. Parka = warm; trench = versatile; herringbone-ish = smart-ish. 

I know people worry about buying coats – it is an expensive purchase but I would say that H&M are a good recommendation. It’s a Scandinavian brand, for god’s sake. They know cold. Like I know rain.

Ok, I don’t really do skirts much – I tend to keep them for evening actually, but we don’t have time now – but a dress is brilliant.

Remember I said something about athleisure? Welcome to grownup t-shirt dresses. Add leggings and statement trainers and watch your life become a shitload easier. You are very welcome.

It cam even be worked with a maxi dress. That is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re fresh from the 90s.

Anyway, back in the adult world, I wear a lot of midi dresses. With loafers or a knee high boot, in case you really need help. Trust me – it’s a one item deal. You can’t get better then that, can you? 

These are all knitted but you can get more structured versions. They’re so comfortable – and relatively warm. Stick a white shirt underneath if you’re really stuck. Or a vest. And a cardy over the top. I don’t do miracles…you can walk on your own.

Basic tops are easy. T-shirts (smart versions – now I’m an adult), nice sweaters and white shirts. I don’t wear them often actually – because my boobs make them look like a sack holding wrestling kittens.

You would be surprised how amazing a white shirt looks with flashy leggings, actually. Add a plain black jacket if you’re stuck.

Accessories rock my world. I have drawers full of scarves and boxes with statement necklaces. I really depend on these items most, though.

I need a bag that holds a practical load and will go across my body. I need a hat because I get cold and a cuff is easy to wear and kids can’t break them.

Now I am sure I’ve missed stuff out. I’m working at breakneck speed, here. Just for a little insight, here’s what I’m wearing tomorrow.

With silver trainers, of course!

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Sophie x

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