Roger et Gallet Le Soin Aura Mirabilis skincare routine review…

Aura MIrabilis has a kind of cult beauty reputation in France. R&G publish a lot of blather about it – ‘Nearly 300 years ago, monks created a powerful natural remedy called “Aura Mirabilis” that could be drunk or applied to the skin for numerous properties. At the heart of the remedy, 18 distilled officinal plants selected one by one for their healing properties in a “Garden of Simples”. Roger&Gallet owns this formula. This powerful elixir was known for its numerous properties. It was used by Emperors and royal courts around the world such as Napoléon III, Joséphine de Beauharnais or Queen Victoria… The legend has it that this was the source of their AURA.’ – word for word. So far, so cliché.

I have a fairly simple skincare routine. It often involves not actually remembering to wash my face – and not wearing makeup much is a godsend there. However, when I can find the time to properly invest in myself, I like a lot of bang for my buck. I don’t want to spend good money on something that a generic or pharmacy product apes very effectively. I’ll just keep using my Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance Moisture Cream instead of my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, for instance.

However, I’m also too poor to be stupid and, when I was offered a selection of R&G products to trial, I jumped at the chance.

To start, the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask. The promise is ‘detoxify, remove makeup, revive radiance’. It’s like a really light gel. I didn’t actually trust it to do the job as it’s not like any cleanser I’ve used before. It’s not oily, creamy or foamy in any way. You put it onto wet skin and the gel becomes a watery opaque liquid. Weird because of that but effective. You can also slather it on and leave it for 5 minutes and it acts like a mask. I tried that and it left my skin squeaky clean

Beauty Vinegar
‘Smooth, refine, clarify’.
Basically toner. No uncomfortable ‘bite’ or dryness. I actually liked this – and I hate most toners – but I’m not sure my skin needs it.

Double extract
‘Restore, revive, infuse radiance’.
The Aqua Mirabilis serum – serums are kind of a weakness for me. I don’t live a life of luxury so they’re like a drop of decadence. This is like skin oil that smells heavenly – everything does, to be fair, but this is like all the goodies condensed into a serum that just disappears into your skin. It is fantastic. I would buy this.

Legendary cream
‘Renew, even out, illuminate’
This cream is heavy. Night cream heavy for me. Again it smells delicious but it is rich. I’m glad I tried everything before bed the first time so I knew not to apply as much in the morning. That said, I wasn’t shiny within about 10 minutes of application.

So there we are…in conclusion, I loved the experience but only one of the products will make me spend money. The double extract is delicious. It ticks most of my boxes – feels good, does a good job, smells gorgeous…but it is expensive. I have to wait for payday, I guess.

In the interests of honesty, I took some pictures of my skin post routine. In the interests of honesty, I admit to wearing eyebrows and Model Co LashXtend Mascara too. You get to look at the eye bags and the wrinkles and the shininess and the discolouration at the top of my cheeks from two pregnancies. Have at it! You should also note the look of contentment that Roger & Gallet kindly gave me with their samples. It’s probably the delicious perfume but I’ll take it – whatever it is.

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