I’m not going to sugar coat it – Jeremy Corbyn failed voters yesterday…

​Shame on you, Jeremy Corbyn – for threatening Labour MPs who proposed to vote against Article 50 with the three line whip. It wasn’t fair to ask elected representatives to vote against the wishes of their constituents.

I’m proud that three south Liverpool Labour MPs and the LibDem MP for Southport voted against. When Merseyside voted unanimously against Brexit, I’m horribly disappointed that this region’s other parliamentary representatives did not respect their voters.

Corbyn did a lacklustre – some might even say shoddy – job campaigning for the Remain movement. I have to ask why. Is he currying favour with a demographic that he, traditionally, doesn’t appeal to? Does he just not care? Is he waiting for the forthcoming economic disaster to kick in so he can step in and snatch a sweeping election majority? Who knows?

When it came to yesterday’s debate, Ken Clarke shone. He delivered a heartfelt, well reasoned argument that should have persuaded everyone that Europe is still our friend and ally. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve really listened to a Conservative minister and been inspired but I was then.

Sadly, I can tell you who will miss Europe – those who have benefited from the wonderful funding afforded to this country by the EU.

Some of them don’t even know about it…at least that’s the only reason I can think of for Cornwall voting against remaining – after receiving money from the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the Objective 1 fund for many consecutive years. A lot of small business owners have put food in their children’s bellies and roofs over their family’s heads, thanks to the EU. Sadly people couldn’t seem to join those dots…

I’m tremendously proud that Scousers did. This is a place where people give thanks where it is due and  where respect and loyalty are hard earned but long remembered.

It’s a shame that more of our MPs didn’t consider that when they voted.

I am passionate about Europe. I was actually born on referendum day. The good referendum day… I have lived and worked in another European country. I was welcomed with warmth and kindness. I traveled with my European passport – has everyone realised that we’ll all be paying for new ones now? – and I felt like a cosmopolitan Continental. I saw places and did things that made me the adult I am now. I’m eternally grateful for my time abroad. I can’t think of what I missed about England during that time – I had friends, food, employment and adventures where I was. 

Barring some act of sanity, my daughters won’t have those advantages and opportunities. My heart aches for my 5 year old daughter who is so proud of her aptitude for Spanish. Living there may not be an option for her. 

Whichever way this ridiculous popular decision goes, I must thank Luciana Berger, Maria Eagle, Louise Ellman and John Pugh. It’s just a terrible disappointment to know that integrity really is eroding. We hold those who hold office to a higher standard – because they campaign on that principle. I’m lucky (it’s sad to say – since we all should be able to take it for granted)  that I can actually say that is true of my MP.

You can check how your MP voted here.

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