Hey Sweaty Betty, by Audrey Boss

Hey Sweaty Betty,

Your January catalogue just dropped through my mailbox.

I find it offensive that you are urging women to get their “new year, new youlook'” sorted. As if this were a thing.

As if a pair of £90 “bum sculpting ssuperhero” leggings that will ‘stand out in the studio’ will make a difference to women’s lives. We live in perilous times and we’re going to need a bit more than glorified spandex and perky bums to see us through.

I find it outrageous that you would suggest these leggings and an online workout created with a  “celebrity trainer” will help me get a “model body”. I know for a fact that 97% of the women who buy your Zero Gravity leggings don’t have model bodies and never will – however much they workout. Because… genetics. And photoshop. 

You’ve put this “exclusive collection” in the “Back to the gym” section of your catalogue. I remember the grim years of back to the gym Januaries. I remember how tempting a pair of funky Zero Gravity leggings and the promise of a model body would have been. How it would’ve worked right alongside whatever mad detox I was on. I could just see myself in those leggings. With my model body and my green smoothie off to the studio.

How I would’ve spent my rent money on those leggings. And then felt guilty and ashamed when I stopped going to the gym 3 weeks in and sat at home eating bags of Haribo instead. Panicking about the rent.

I wonder if the founder of your company knows her catalogue is a platform for objectifying, celebrity driven, body shaming, dishonest messaging. This can’t be the “empowering activewear” she had in mind when she started this brand.

On behalf of all those women who will be curled up on their sofa – having swapped their new year, new you leggings and the workout for a binge and some self loathing – fuck off. And take your leggings with you.

With my best wishes for 2017,


Audrey Boss is an author, food & eating coach and the founder of Beyond Chocolate, the UK’s first No Diet community. When she’s not busy freeing women from the tyranny of dieting and showing them how to love what they eat, she’s doing her best to bring down the patriarchy and training to become an Open Floor conscious dance teacher.

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