Throwback Thursday: Day 6 of the Blogtober Challenge 2015 – share your outfit of the day

After my post on day 3 of the Blogtober Challenge – My Everyday Essentials – I realised that I’m in danger of wearing a uniform. That’s okay, per se – but I want more. I don’t want to part crowds because of my sartorial choices…I just wouldn’t mind getting a few admiring comments about my handbag every so often.

That said, like so many other people, I’m on a budget. A tight one as well. I have more important things to spend money on than clothes. Not more enjoyable but more important, so I’m going to stop worrying about the issue – as long as I actually like the clothes I wear, anyway.

Given my sensible new outlook, the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to be doing today and a rapidly developing Polyvore habit – I have designed two outfits which are very close approximations of my options.

Firstly, this is what I’m wearing if I don’t end up going in for a formal meeting. I’m going to have to do the school run, pop to the shops, cope with a poorly toddler and juggle a couple of deadlines.

It’s tough but comfortable. The stretch imitation leather leggings are a godsend. Really – they wipe clean, people. Wipe. Clean. They’re also like Spanx but sexy. The biker boots are flat because I can’t be pirouetting around a supermarket and I walk the 4 year old to school. There’s a t-shirt under the knitted tunic – a roll neck so I don’t have to faff around with a scarf and I chose a felted wool coat. It’s the same shape as my infamous trenchcoats but it’s cosy.

When I’m working really hard, I need cosy. A lot. Of course there’s an Olsen twin sized bag. I meant that it’s as big in comparison to me as theirs are to them but, really, it’s quite possible that it’s the size of an actual Olsen twin.

I might be going out in the evening so I added a pair of gold cage shoes, a gold clutch and a statement necklace. I would ditch the wooly as the t-shirt has a little bit of sparkle running through the threads. And, yes, I’m going to wear blue and black together. You’re just going to have to trust me on this. It works, people.

Here’s the outfit I’ve chosen for the meetings I might be going to. Again, I’m going comfy. Trousers (I rarely wear skirts or dresses) with a woolie. I’d definitely take my favourite trenchcoat. If you look at that bag, you’ll realise that carrying an umbrella as well would be next to impossible – and I usually have to take a laptop with me.

I love this outfit but I do want to feel a little bit sexy. Those plum coloured heels make me feel like a bit of a cougar and the lipstick appeals to the cliché.

What both outfits have in common is that there aren’t any skirts or dresses. I love fashion but I’m not a girly girl, particularly. I do trousers because I can move around in them. I like 70s style because it was designed – in large part – for women who wanted to work. Strength and physical freedom are sexy to me. They convey an impression of vigour. I feel energetic in clothes that aren’t too structured.

I have similar feelings when it comes to underwear. Personally, I hate corsets. They feel like instruments of torture to me. I love to run, swim, ride horses and dance. The only vice-like article of clothing that I actually need is a good sports bra. And I do mean need – these puppies are labradors, not pomeranians. Today, though, I’m going for decent lift and boy shorts. Get the girls facing front and centre and smoothe away the cellulite.

As regular readers will know, I love fashion. I have confidence in my taste and style. I do lack a little love for my own body sometimes, though. It’s just not what it was. I took 35 years getting to know myself. Having two kids changed everything. In lots of good ways but in some less than too. I’m much heavier now but my legs, hips and bottom are as skinny as ever. I tend to draw the eye to them. I also dropped 2″ in height when I had the kids – I have to work hard to look taller (that makes me feel stronger too) so that explains the pants and heels.

I don’t know if I’ll ever actually feel beautiful again. I’m not sure it’s very important actually – because I do feel sexy. Probably more so than I did before kids.  I’m less hung up on wearing the ‘right’ trends all the time and I’m not high maintenance anymore. More than that, I’m more interesting. I’m better company – I’m a kinder, warmer person with a wider range of interests. I’m reasonably funny – people underestimate how sexy that can be – and I’m an inveterate, confident and competent flirt.

What I am most grateful about is the fact that I don’t worry about everything now. Work is hectic (the way I like it), I’m happy with my parenthood now.

Ultimately, who cares what I’m wearing?

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