Sophie’s FAQs – My Most Used Item Of The Year

Just give me an easy subject to write about, please.
I’m serious – nane your most used item of the year…glasses? Smart phone? Trainers? Handbag? Glossy magazines? The Internet?
All of these things are an intrinsic part of my life. They’re – mostly – essential and they’re – mostly – pleasurable.
On balance, though, I’m going to choose my glasses. Every time.


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4 thoughts on “Sophie’s FAQs – My Most Used Item Of The Year

  1. Great post, could I copy your idea please?? Great way to meme more of your challenge!

    Something similar had crossed my mind but my (writers block) shall we call it, stopped me. I enjoyed this challenge too and your pics. It’s always fun when your doing a challenge at the same time as someone else!


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