Outfit Of The Day

As usual, when it comes to an outfit of the day, I’m giving two options because my day is going to be broken up into my duties as mother and my work.


Firstly, my school run / domestic bliss outfit. I’m banking on the weather not being horrible again. That may, or – more likely – may not, work out.
Jeans, sweater, trainers, leather jacket and a lovely warm scarf. No hat yet as I want to keep that particular treat for really hard times. I’m dealing with a schooler and a toddler. By 8am I will have been told that Lauren’s parents are preferable to me, somebody will reveal that they ate their own shoes and the cat will have shat on the buggy seat. It’s not an amusing aside. It’s parenthood. Welcome to Thunderdome, kids. You’re going to just love it here…


It’s okay, though. After I dump – sorry, ‘drop off’ – the schooler, I’ll come home, plonk the toddler in front of Mr Tumble and dash for a 10 minute shower. Which I will enjoy with the door open – because draughts are much less important than being able to hear the theme tune playing when the TV show ends and I have passed my witching hour.
I have an appointment with a potential editor tomorrow. She’s also an old friend and we’ll be drinking hot chocolate in her kitchen. The meeting will be chaired by my younger daughter, who will probably be better dressed than me.
Anyway, I’m going cosy but reasonably hot. Those boots weren’t designed to work on a nun. The rest of the ensemble might be a bit earnest college professor but they say ‘you’ll be kissing these stunners from the comfort of the floor if you take my parking space’.


It’s the handbag that’s universal. I’m too lazy to swap bags so this one will have to do. It can be warn across my body so I should be able to forget about it when I’m forced to carry a tired toddler around.
That’s how I roll, dear readers – like a suburban Cinderella.
Sophie x

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