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Gift ideas are complicated, aren’t they? On a personal level, I’m a spoilt brat inside and do a Rachel Green if people buy ‘off list’ for me. Having said that, I don’t expect a present and my list is always extensive with options for every budget and friend. I like Toblerone bars. Buy me one of them and I’ll purr…


I’m going to cut to the chase here. I’m not giving gifts to anyone who isn’t family this year. We live in shocking times. Nobody has lots of money and I dislike conspicuous consumption. I really do. I feel tremendously guilty about spending money on myself at any time. I have kids and I don’t go out much. I don’t need to attract a mate so the genetic imperative is moot. While I like nice things, I’ve been poor. There’s a happy medium. Cards and drinks and company are fine amongst friends, I find.


So…I won’t recommend presents. I’m sorry but this is your job. A gift should be thought out. It’s how you show love. I show love in consideration and intimacy. I can’t help you there.
What I can do is offer some observations about the best presents I’ve been given. My favourite presents both came from Mr Sophie’s Voice: a watch and a key ring.


The watch is from way back when he used to buy me jewellery every Christmas – B.C., obiously. It was everything I wanted and a very grown up purchase. It’s a Tank and it has little details that are perfect for me. It’s not shiny – I chose mother of pearl for the face. It’s luxurious – but not ostentatious. It’s valuable because a lot of thought went into making it the perfect watch for me.


The key ring is funny. It’s a tourist favourite for Liverpool – a rubber Super Lambanana. It’s silly and funny. It’s also yellow so I can always find it.
Both are used every day, both are reliable and both make me smile.
And those are the best things I could wish for in a Christmas present.
Sophie x


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