Blogmas begins with my likes and dislikes

When somebody asks you to write a post about five likes and / or dislikes, you think ‘easy’. Then you sit back and…

Seriously, I know that I overthink everything but this has really taught me about myself. Specifically that I’m quite possibly completely crazy.

Pomeranian dogs – I’m not going to apologise for this. They’re cheery. There isn’t enough cheery about.


Seafood – most of it anyway. Mainly I prefer it hot but a really handsome man can feed me it cold dipped in aïoli. I give my consent freely.


Midnight blue – it’s not navy and it’s not purple. Sorry, I know it when I see it – it’s just perfect.


Peonies – they flower for two weeks of the year. One of which contains my birthday. If I don’t get given them, I buy them for myself.


Speed – I have a naturally reckless streak. I have calmed down a lot but, given the chance, I would behave like a teenage boy quite happily.


Mud – I don’t go back to the country often. This is one of many reasons for my decision.


Spiders – except tarantulas. Tarantulas look like hamsters with eight legs.


Bridget Jones Diary – seriously? Don’t compare it to Jane Austen. She’d be spinning in her grave. It’s terrible. Try giving us a woman character who isn’t a complete fuckwit. Don’t know any? Be one.


One-upmanship – the minute you start, I know I’m better than you. You lose. Oops.


Minimalist interior design – soooo…it’s a cold, wintry evening and you’re watching your Band of Brothers boxset. It’s the Bastoigne episode. You reach for the blanket to pull around you as you sit on your Eames chair. Except you don’t have one as the fringing wasn’t boring enough for your design scheme. I bet cosy never looked less twee.


It’s really hard to write about dislikes without sounding misanthropic. It’s worth remembering that I’m actually quite a cheery person. I swear.

So much so that I’m doing a piece on holiday sweaters tomorrow.

Love, Sophie x

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