Celebrate 60 years of NORAD’s Santa Tracker

Here at Sophie’s Voice I am very strict about the importance of keeping the Christmas holiday period sacred.
Preparations and celebrations will commence tomorrow – on the 1st of December.
I am, however, well aware that some of the people who make the holiday so magical start their work a little bit earlier in the year.


Take, for example, the NORAD Santa Tracker team. These lovely people have kept children all over the world au fait with the travels and travails of Father Christmas every year for the last 60 years.
Here’s the entire real of Mr Christmas’ journey in 2014. Spare 14 minutes – you won’t regret it.
Oh, and a word to the wise, any Santa cynics will be blocked – hate the holiday, not the show.

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One thought on “Celebrate 60 years of NORAD’s Santa Tracker

  1. Reblogged this on Sophie's Voice and commented:

    As some of you will have gleaned over the course of the last year, my children are still devoted believers in some of the more magical characters from everyone’s childhood – since Child 1 lost her first tooth aged 7 she is yet to become jaded and cynical about the existence of the Tooth Fairy. In fact, after our customary thorough research, we know that it is a service performed as a team effort by Rosemary and Vicki.
    Well, the kids still believe in Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Pere Noel and every other incarnation of the face of the Christmas delivery service. I’m not sorry. Let them have some magic for a little while more. NORAD is just the cherry on top. It’s ostensibly a high tech approach to the most traditional story of Christmas. Perfect for a generation growing up watching conspiracy theory videos about Ana and Elsa on YouTube.


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