A Solemn Sunday…


I didn’t write a ‘Throwback Thursday’ post last week. I was busy being excited about the future. The past seemed a bit of an irrelevance.
On Friday, things went crazy. A lot crazy, in fact. All I can remember is not being able to keep up and being almost fizzy with anticipation.
For once I didn’t mind working on a Friday evening. Planning, budgeting, researching, writing – I had so much momentum. And then Paris.
I looked back at my posts over the last year and found that I had written this piece after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
I never thought I’d have to contemplate it again. Frankly it was too unpleasant a thought. Now I find myself reading it back on what I’m going to call ‘Solemn Sunday’ and I have only one thing to add – Vive la France!

“The last time I visited Paris, I arrived at night.
The flight took us over the city and the lights of ‘le Tour Eiffel’ shone like a beacon – illuminating one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
The glimpse they provide tempts and seduces even the most cynical visitor. It appeals to the child in us all – while, at the same time, being synonymous with a city that is renowned for sophistication and culture.
It’s like a signpost to a playground for grownups. It says ‘come and see beautiful art, historically important architecture, exclusive fashion and charming flea markets. Eat the most delicious provender known to man, drink intoxicating wines and, if you want, watch women dance as you do so.’.
To see the invitation to France’s capital extinguished is a truly emotional experience for me.
I hope that I never have to see it again.”


Sophie’s Voice,
9th of January, 2015.

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