Letter from the Editor


As you obviously already know, I have a little website. It’s pretty good – if I say so myself – and kind of going places.

Sophie’s Voice operates on multiple social media channels and is designed for multifaceted readers with eclectic tastes.

In the new year, things are changing and I’m going to have to step up as we’re expanding.

I’m bringing in new feature writers and experts in specific areas like food. There will be more collaboration with other blogs and publications.

We’re running more product reviews and guesting at events. Next week, for instance, we’re one of only two blogs covering the Alternative Fashion Festival in Preston – and then in Manchester, in December.

I’m also going to be running regular focus groups and promotions.
This, however, is a call to arms. If you are interested in helping or contributing, please get in touch.

We need models, photographers, writers and admin. Work won’t be paid in cold, hard money until April. That sounds like I’m taking the piss but I intend to promote your services as much as you do that for me.

Together, we’re stronger. Together, we can do something amazing.

Email me at sophie@sophiesvoice.co to start a conversation. Have a look at the website first so you can see what you think is missing.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you all.

With love,

Sophie xx


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