Times change so quickly – yet, somehow, not at all…

Two years ago, I posted this on my personal Facebook feed –

“Finding it so depressing that the original digital art I worked with is now going to die out because the original technology is obsolete. Future generations will miss out because we’re so keen on always progressing.”.I work with digital marketing and social media every single day and I love it.
However, looking back two years, I can’t even remember what I was talking about when I said that I didn’t want to see digital technology become obselete.
What I can say is that, back in the day when I worked for Moviola – FACT nowadays – I was there when dial up was exciting and indoor son et lumière installations were cutting edge.
To be honest, I kind of miss my naive enthusiasm for artwork that showed us that we could be creative with technology. Saying that, I can’t even think of the art that I loved so much and will never see again.

I suppose that, now I use digital channels to talk to thousands of people regularly, I should consider myself an ancestor of those artists – because blogging is yet another creative avenue that we never imagined.

Somehow, though, I’ll always be nostalgic for the first time I saw a slide show that was beautiful – she writes as she thinks about starting a vlog…always looking to the future, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Times change so quickly – yet, somehow, not at all…

  1. It’s actually a nice thing to be able to look back, remember the ‘old days’ and reflect on changes hey. In all aspects of life 😄 ( not that we’re old at all, just experienced in cool things) x


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