Day 17 of the Blogtober Challenge – my top tips for new bloggers

Put simply…just write.

It’s all I can say. Many people gave me advice on how to make a blog readable and it all came down to ‘use your own voice’.

Well, to make a voice sing beautifully, you have to exercise it. Also, and it’s obvious when you think about it, if you don’t write anything, there’s nothing to read.

Write about whatever you like. If you’re dedicated to a subject then enjoy your obsession. If you are a magpie, then indulge yourself.

Don’t care about the look of a page as long as it’s easy to decipher and does what you need it to. You can always fiddle about with it later.

A blog is you. It’s your space on the Internet…if you ever start. Stop tinkering and bite the bullet.

Just write.


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9 thoughts on “Day 17 of the Blogtober Challenge – my top tips for new bloggers

  1. Love it! How true! I have noticed improvement in my creativity by writing and photographing daily! And in my general mood!

    I get disheartened when I read some of these types of posts, as it’s all about generating traffic and getting paid for it! (Not Blotobery peeps tho) I don’t get much of either and I’m not letting it bother me. I write because I love to. And I find often the things I enjoy most have no money value attached, they are for pure pleasure!

    Tops post Mr or Mrs Sophie 😄


  2. This is spot on! I also think that if you’re writing about something that’s interesting to you it becomes interesting to others through your passion and writing 🙂
    I’m a little bit of both mostly dedicated to a subject but definitely also a bit of a magpie. 😉


  3. Short, sweet and straight to the point. I love it. I give this advice to so many people too. It’s the most fundamental thing. Write, and do it with passion. Great post Sophie. x


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