Dear Future Me…


I’m afraid I don’t have much time – this imaginary bubble is bound to be burst any minute now.

I have the opportunity to ask you some questions on assignment for the Blogtober Challenge. I’ve no more direction than that so I’m a little bit rudderless. I thought about being horribly practical with this question (you know that Mr Sophie’s Voice would ask for the sports results) but I want to try to use the opportunity to learn a little and maybe do some good with the knowledge.

So, I must ask if there’s anything that I can do now that will improve the lives of my immediate family. I’d like to know what the girls are doing with their free time and whether or not it’s worth encouraging. Are there any allergies I should know about? Which one tries to blag her homework most? Do either of them end up pregnant before they leave school? I just want to make sure that I have as much information as possible in the whole ‘not killing them’ area.

Can you tell me whether I should expect death? Not mine – I don’t think anybody should know that. I just want to know who to spend my time with so I’m not left saying ‘I wish I’d seen them more often’ at another funeral. I want the chance to say goodbye. For once. I think life has surprised me with sudden death on enough occasions before now.

I have so many questions to ask but I don’t have time. Also, I think that I’d rather be embroiled in these times of change than regarding them from a position of insight. I can’t live my life as if I know what’s going to happen so I’d rather live it from my present perspective – utterly ignorant. Or, at least, only being able to make an educated guess as to the unfolding of the future.

The one thing that matters to me is how other people manage. If I had time I would ask all about the future of our society – but how am I going to fit that expanse of questions into a blog post when I’m this verbose in the present?

The Blogtober Challenge is certainly making me think. When you live in the current, you kind of stop asking the existential questions in life. It’s odd to have to go back to them.

It was nice to see you…you’re looking good. I can’t believe you went with that colour but it really works. I have to go back to reality now. Oh, there is one thing while I’m here…am I wasting my time? Just a nod or a shake of the head is all I need.



9 thoughts on “Dear Future Me…

  1. Love this Sophie, for a moment I wasn’t sure whether you’d have a crazily long list of questions like me but I love that you’ve chosen to live in the present. Your questions are so kind and other than that you allow life to stay a beautiful mystery! x


  2. I love how you’ve approached this, it says a lot about you as a person. The question at the end has the nosey person in me intrigued..


    1. I did really. I thought of the girls because I always think of them first. I thought of death because I want to protect myself emotionally mainly. I want to see how it all pans out. No more détail than whether I’m sort of on the right track.


  3. Very similar to how I think! But I went with the 20 questions and got confused thinking I was asking my dead self. I kinda would want to know about my death though.

    Nice post x


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