Wordless Wednesday – what it really meant

On Wednesdays, many bloggers use a sole image to convey their message.

Super idea…except that my blog is called ‘Sophie’s Voice’. Also, my photograph requires a little explanation.

On Tuesday night a friend complained that there was nothing to be done with this image. I had suggestions but they were rebuffed. However, I like it and I’m stubborn. I think it deserves to be seen and Wordless Wednesday was as good a place as any.

The image isn’t perfectly focused – and that’s what makes it charming to me. The lack of pinpoint focus gives it a painterly quality. Anyone who reads this blog will know that I studied History of Art and lived in the south of France. I’m accustomed to the light that made impressionism and expressionism possible – in truth, it’s probably to blame for my shitty glasses prescription – and I’m a little bit of a dreamer. I don’t want sharp, I want softness. This photo conveys an intimacy that I wouldn’t get from something too professional looking.

I doubt that any of those facts will console the photographer – but I think they will agree that almost everything in life is beautiful to someone. You just have to find your niche. Since we are all unique, we should all be comforted by that.

The photographer will remain anonymous.

Sophie x


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – what it really meant

  1. That’s cool. I was waiting for it to focus tho!! I like clear. But I appreciate the artistic quality and the intrigue! I’d like to know more about that type of art too.

    I also found it a challenge not explaining mine.


  2. I actually love this photo, I cant say what it is about it, there’s just something about it. Its open to interpretation. Its almost like looking out of the window on a rainy day, its hazy, and I think that brings the photo to life.
    See, now my imagination is doing backflips.. X


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